How to connect the NDX2 on a power amp

How can i connect the NDX2 on a power amp? (I do have a SN3/HCDR-NDX2 set)

Signal out just on the power amp? For example as i use a NAP250-DR, just the DIN or 2 x RCA to XLR ?
When i use a non-naim power-amp, such as Pass Labs XA-30.8, just to the RCA inputs.

And when i have a SN3, i can put it on the “power-in” (unplug the plug) (see picture)
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What cable can i use? The 5 to 4 pin which is placed between the HC-dr and SN3 ?

I want to test it so i can experience the sound difference of the pre-amp SN3 and the “pre-amp section” in the NDX2.

I didn’t found good reviews of this experience/test.

You can use a DIN to XLR for a 250, or a DIN to RCA for a non-Naim amp. Just be sure to get the cable made up by someone who understands the pin layouts that Naim use, as shown on the back of the box near the relevant socket.
You will need to enable variable volume in the Naim app. If you don’t, you will send the full signal to the power amp, which could end in a disaster, so be very careful.

Naim would advise you that for best results you should use one of their preamps, not a direct connection to a power amp. The only reason they added the variable output that makes this possible was that it is required for AirPlay and Chromecast certification, so there may be a loss of sound quality.

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