How to connect the Stageline, Hi-cap and Supernait?


Are these connections ok?

Connect hi-cap socket 4 to stageline Socket 2 with a snaic 5.

Connect hi-cap socket 1, 2 or 3 to any input on my Supernait or any preamp with a Snaic 4


This shows the Hicap powering the Supernait, which in turn is powering the Stageline. This may or may not be preferable to using the Hicap just for the Stageline, but I would try this as well and see what you prefer.

Sounds good to me (note, you’ll need a 4-5 i/c instead of a SNAIC4 to connect to the SN) where you want to dedicate the Hicap to powering the Stageline.

Do you have a Hicap already on the Supernait? If not, then you might like to try the Hicap on the Supernait and then powering the Stagline via the SN’s AUX2 socket, as per the illustration above, and see which you prefer.

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Hi Richard. In the OP’s original scenario, would the Hicap not be connected to the SN or preamp using a 4 to 5 interconnect rather than a Snaic4, as all inputs are on 180° 5 pin din?

Yes, correct HH, well spotted. A 4-5 interconnect.

Thanks everyone.
I have a Supernait 1.
The “Aux2 in and Power out” is not in the same place but I guess ChrisSU solution will be possible.

If you just want to power the Stageline from the AUX2 socket then that will provide both the necessary 24V DC power as well as take in signal for the Stageline.

Yes, it’s positioned slightly differently on the back of the original Supernait (first input on the bottom row).

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