How to connect up 2 x 555ps to nds

Right guys before i go for it, can i please ask the right way to do this, i have a naim 555dr ps and a non dr ps
Would like to know which connection is digital on the nds ( 1 or 2 )
I know the dr is preferred on the digital in put, i just dont want to have to pull it all out again to change if i do it wrong.

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Right i think out put 1 is the analogue and so the 555dr goes to input 1 on the nds.
The non dr goes from out 2 on the ps to input 2 on the nds, and is the digital side.
I think thats right

@Darkebear, @BertBird, @Michaelb …can answer you.

With mixed-type DR and non-DR I’d not know want worked best - until I try.

I suggest when stacking put the DR supply under the non-DR. Then try one way for a few tracks - mute and power-down - swap Burndies at the 555PS end (leave then connected at the streamer) and power-up and resume.

One way around should have the ‘it’ factor of just gelling together better and probably a bit better and faster timing - that is your choice! :slightly_smiling_face:

Then let us all know! :bear:


@Harry has tried I think.

Well as its warming up still, i will leave it how it is for now ( see above ) and see how it goes.

IIRC the analogue output is the one on the left (when looking at the NDS from the front), closest to the edge of the case. I ran DR555 into analogue and non DR into digital. Although using twin DRs cleaned the sound up and improved detail and texture compared to a mixture of PSs, it was the addition of the second power supply (regardless of DR or non DR) that made the big difference.

While there tends to be a consensus (obviously with a few detractors) on the ability of the NDS, opinion is more evenly split on the benefits of a second PS. My NDS obviously benefited. So there is more going on with balance, system, room etc. It seems that the more detailed you get at the source,the more variables seem to present.

Whereas my NDS would respond to different switches and Ethernet cables, but was broadly incapable of showing big differences between NAS, HDD type,server, or anything else, my ND555 seems to respond positively or negatively to just about any minor variation introduced to the chain.

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