How to convert the Naim Uniti Star from 220v to 115v

Can this be done rather easily or is it impossible or unwise?

It can be done by the Naim factory via your dealer or often by your local distributor if you live overseas.

It could be costly though, especially if it’s a new Tx needed instead of a re-wire/re-label/re-fuse. @NeilS could probably advise which it is on a Unit Star.

Thank you. How do I contact @NeilS?

He posts here from time to time. Alternatively you could ask Naim’s service dept. via email.

If you are relocating temporarily, I can recommend minimizing your costs by using an external step up transformer; this plugs into a 115 V outlet and gives you one or to 220 V sockets to use with your existing electronics. I live in Canada, an use this approach, albeit with the “reverse direction” step down transformer with my North American Atom here in Europe. They are readily available on, for example, Amazon at a cost of about €60 - €70 for a unit rated an about 500 W. Obviously not the best approach if you are moving forever or buying your Star from overseas, but very convenient otherwise. Best wishes.

Sorry for the delayed response (I don’t seem to be getting email notifications again).
The good news is that the transformer can be rewired.
The bad news is that the unit will require reconfiguration of the firmware, I believe certain dealers/distributors are equipped to do this - our tech support guys will know which ones.


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