How to edit system details in member's profile

Bemused as to how to do this ?
Entered this question into the search engine … nothing relevant.
All I can seem to find is the option to add a profile pic.
Where might I be going wrong ?
Am I losing my marbles ?

Preferences, account, profile.

Click on your name on the top right hand corner and select Preferences

Then select profile on left hand side

Edit your profile. Click your username/picture, preferences, then profile preferences, should do it. System details down the bottom. Assuming you’re using the mobile app?

Am using Windows 10.
Pretty sure that was pretty much the thing I tried first … and came back to again, without joy.
Hence the frustration.
Will try again.

Ahh … got it.
Wasn’t scrolling down, it seems.
Thanks for the help.

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FYI we can see your email address in the screenshot.

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Ah, thanks, appreciated!

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