How to get HDX and Roon set up

I am entertaining the idea of getting Roon.
Have HDX, MSB Premier DAC. I’ll need the extra MSB Renderer Module with Ethernet in order to go streaming.

From what I know is a Roon Nucleus + only has 1x Ethernet connection.
I have a Cisco Ethernet switch.

Do I need a Roon Nucleus + and Roon Subscription or is all I need is a Roon Subscription and set up a Roon Core on my iMac in order to stream from my HDX (and iRadio from the internet router).

Roon will find the music store on your HDX and play music over your network. You can run it on a Mac with no problem, except that it might not work if you run it on a HDD. You may prefer a stand-alone device such as a Nucleus, Mac Mini or NUC, but a regular computer should get you up and running.
A single Ethernet port on each device is all you need.

Yes, a iMac as Roon core is fine. I used it a long time (when I had an HDX too). Later I moved the core to a Synology DiskStation.

Hi Seadog,

Did the Msb came to life since ? You were finding it a bit uninvolving some days ago.

FR, yes I “think” it has come on song quite nicely since I last posted. Just been a bit hectic recently, and I have not had the time for a critical listening session to compare. Just background iRadio music the last 2 weeks.

I’ll try this weekend to see.

About Roon, I think I’ll just go with the Roon Nucleus + and the subscription.
So just to confirm, Ethernet out of my HDX > Cisco 2940 Switch and then Nucleus + Ethernet out > also to the Cisco switch then > Ethernet also from the Cisco Switch into the MSB Premier Renderer Module Ethernet Port.

Plus the Ethernet cable from the Cisco to my home Router.

Then Roon will find it all and I can control it all from my iPad ?

I won’t need the optional HDD in the Roon Nucleus + to use it all ?

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Yes, just connect everything to your switch. You don’t need the HDD storage on the Nucleus, but you can add one if you need more space in addition to (or instead of) the HDX.

Cheers Chris.

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