How to get rid of Chromecast on Home-screen of IOS-app?

Just tried to listen to an album available on BandCamp, by casting it from their IOS-app to my streamer. To be able to listen to the BandCamp streaming service, I had to enable Chromecast input on the Naim streamer-app. Unfortunately the streaming result was a very stuttering sound with many hiccups. Not successful!
I now want to disable Chromecast again, in order to to clean up my Naim-app home screen. But I can’t find a way to disable Chromecast … Does anyone else have a solution for this issue?
(except of course by fully restoring the streamer’s factory settings, which will also clear all my presets …)

I was going to ask the same question if I remember rightly you could remove this input at one time?

I think you have to uninstall the app, then reinstall again. It has been mentioned before, but cant recall all the details

I’m surprised you’re using Chromecast on an iOS device, Airplay would be the default option. Personally I don’t bother with Chromecast, as many apps seem to have poor implementation of it, as you seem to have discovered. Also it’s yet another thing that lets Google spy on me, which kind of bugs me!

Sorry, that doesn’t answer your question - I have no Chromecast input button on my iOS app, and intend to keep it that way.


Thx. just gave it a try … but no success, still no option to remove it :cry:

Fully agree you, as far as it relates to the SQ of Chromecast and Google spying … , but these Irish performers (The Lost Brothers) are only available on BandCamp, and (on IOS) BandCamp only streams/casts to Chromecast. :cry:

Bandcamp works fine over AirPlay for me.

@Richard.Dane Richard, any idea ?

Oops, then I must have missed something … I’ll have a look, thx. :wink:

Hi Mike12, so are we saying that if you enable the Chromcast input within the Naim App, there is no option to disable again? I am almost tempted to enable it just as a challenge to be able to disable it again. :slight_smile:

Correct, that’s the case … I’m only able to get rid of it by resetting the NDX2 to its factory settings ( … recently done this a couple of times due to the FW 3.5 issues). Doesn’t look logical, but this is apparently the case … maybe Naim just has to follow Google’s strict implementation requirements? …wouldn’t be surprised :fearful:

Be careful, no way to disable …

. . . maybe not tempted then :skull_and_crossbones:

There should be a Naim health warning next the Chromcast 'enable box"

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Sorry Mike, I don’t use Chromecast.

Hi ChrisSU, thanks for the tip! BandCamp and Airplay working correctly, with a much better SQ.
Unfortunately my issue about disabling Chromecast in the Naim-app still exists. So if some has a solution for this … I would be very pleased, as I do like to prevent losing my presets (again, as the result of another factory reset).

@Stevesky Steve, possibly your confirmation of this would save me & others putting more effort into finding a solution for this issue (how to disable Chromecast?) :thinking: TIA


A bit of a Google-ism here but the first time setup has to be run through. Not as bad as it sounds though.
From front panel:
Home->Settings->Factory Settings->Launch Setup Wizard. At enable Chromecast say no.



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Hi @Stevesky , thanks for your reply.
Yes, how to ‘enable’ Chromecast after an initial launch was clear, but, I’m sorry … how to disable lateron/afterwards, without a complete re-install/new initial setup (and consequently losing f.i. all presets), is still not yet clear at all.
If you could please investigate this within Naim … I would be even more thankful!

Hi @Mike12

That sequence i gave does not delete any presets, favs etc. Just run through it, say no to chromecast and from there on that feature is turned off.

Google dictated this is the only way to turn it off, so we purposely ensured other settings persisted.



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Thanks Steve. Just did this to remove Chromecast from the app controlling my Nova. I had been trying to do this for ages!