How to Gnd Proper for Naim Muso

Hi Guys,

Understanding that Naim Muso is using C7 Power Cable. How do one Ground/Earth the Naim Muso in Proper Manner?

Regards Wayne

You don’t need to because it’s double insulated.


Hi David,


The reason I asked is because I felt some eccentric flow of electron through my finger while turning up the circular volume surface… any ways to eliminate that?

I also tired reversing the C7 female end, but there seems to be a change in sound presentation on the muso. Now I’m puzzled!

Which side of the C7 female plug should be orientation?

Regards Wayne

That often happens with double insulated products, for example if I pick up my iPad when charging via Apple’s one charger I can feel that effect. There is no approved way to avoid it so far as I know.

Reversing the power lead would have no effect I think. Nor have I ever heard anyone say that it sounded different if you reversed it, but if you like it one way more than the other, so be it.



What is your location? In some countries, the orientation can make a difference, but not with correctly wired UK mains.

Hi Chris,

Is that so? In your experience you could also tell a different in sound with Reversed Orientation.

I’m located in Singapore.

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