How to identify if a power supply has been serviced

Hi all, my 552 and its power supply is about to go back to mother ship, i asked naim to look at the history it has on my 500, been told about when the 500 was DR’ed, but they didn’t have the 500 power supply at the same time, or had it back at any time, so either its never been serviced, or its been looked at by someone else, so is there any dates on the caps etc, that would indicate its age? As if not i will be sending this off at the same time as the 552.
Its just that both parts off the 500 are in the newer style boxes, unless the 500 came in them to start with ? Anyway it would be nice to check it, before i send it off.

Cheers dunc

I’m pretty sure that the capacitors in the 500PS do have a date code on them. It’s usually a four figure format showing week number and year, could be either way around.
For example, week 39 2009 would be 3909 or 0939.

Post a picture and tag me if you like.


Cheers will remove the top later and have a look


This is the date code, manufactured 2019 week 32. However it may be hidden by the brackets.

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Well bonus I think, as it looks like 2013, so it has been serviced, just not with naim

Ment for this pic

It could well have been Class A, if you send Darran the serial number I’m sure he’d check for you.

Think I need to take a look inside the 552ps as well, before I send that off

Right the 552ps, would you say February 2017 ?

I’d say January

It’s the second WEEK of 2017

But we are splitting hairs

That’s when the caps were made
The service COULD have been anytime after that date…

Seems a little strange they were serviced at totally separate times…maybe there was an issue at the time

Yes, so once again it’s been done.
Second week ofcourse, cheer

I bet my 552 was serviced at the same time then, so makes me think do I wait to get the 552 DRed, or just go for it?

I didn’t get the 500 and the 552 from the same guy, both separately bought at different times

Didn’t know that!!

Anyway… saved you a few quid for now

Yes it has, so glad i looked indide now.
So anyway to tell by looking inside the 552 if its been serviced?

Well had all the boxes apart tonight.
So anyone out there that can tell if my 552 has been serviced by these pics?