How to make a 4 to 5 pin SNAIC

Hi. If I were to need a 4 to 5 pin SNAIC cable (4 pin to 240° 5 pin), I assume that there are only 4 pins connected at the 5 pin end. Does it matter which of the two 24v pins are left unconnected at the 5 pin end? Should it be the one next to the channel 1 connection, or the other one next to channel 2?

Thank you.

Simo5n, please note forum rules regarding DIY discussion here. Please do not try modifying a SNAIC yourself as it could end up seriously damaging any attached equipment.

Out of interest, a 4-5 SNAIC is most unusual (a 5-4 is the usual odd one here - for connecting a later Hicap to an early single-rail pre-amp). What are you trying to do here?

I wanted to make the cable myself, not modify an existing one. But I don’t think I will need it after all. It’s to connect a nac72 to a hicap. The hicap has a 5 pin socket. Thank you anyway.

All you need is a SNAIC5 to connect a NAC72 to a Hicap.

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