How to make Chord Chrysalis RCA cable?

Any cable making wizards out there know the best way to solder up rca connectors to Chord Chrysalis cable? Should I:
1: Use the screen for the ground
2: Use one of the conductors for ground with the shield connected at one end
3: As 2 but connect shield to both ends.
4: Other methods.

I’ve recently changed my amplification from naim to leema and am finding big differences with interconnect cables. I have some unterminated chrysalis lying around which I’d like to try as a comparison to my other cables as always liked its sound.

When I was experimenting I found your # 2 worked best.
Wired signal & return with the screen connected at the source end.
This is commonly known as pseudo balanced


FWIW, the shield is commoned at the amp end by convention on directional screened cables.


That’s correct … the theory with this IC config is the screen adds an extra barrier against RFI/EMI. I’ve not lab tested it (proved it) but it had the edge in listening test terms when I ran some experiments using 6m lengths of Mogami 2-core & screen

Thanks for the replies, I’ll try connecting the screen at one end only.
I cut the plugs off the cable years ago as they were in poor condition and was going to reuse it to connect to a subwoofer but ended up using a different cable. I may be wrong but seem to recall that it was originally connected by chord using only the screen as the ground.

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