How to make more of streaming music

According to the latest news @The Bristol Naim show will demostrate customers how to get better sound from their system.
It would be nice to list them if and once you go there


Blue jeans ethernet £3.

Only if it was as simple as buying a cable.

It would indeed be useful to have an account of what Naim present. Perhaps Naim may post it themselves for all to see.

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Chord Shawline.

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=Not difficult for them: buy Statement, ND555 and Focal speakers, all connected with SL cables.
For people already there, triamping with Statement amps?
And somewhere along the line, serious room treatment (and advice on choosing or building a perfect sounding room)


Only if it was as simple as changing a cable, expensive or not. As other threads here are suggesting for digital systems achieving the best audio for your own ears involves many more variables than substituting one cable for another. Hence Naim seeking to help us out.

Were naim of any help then?

I don’t recall any hints or tips at yesterday’s demo.

Analogue/digitalInterconnect or ethernet cable?

Are you saying that this is how to improve digital?!
Or that Naim used one of these in its demo at the Show?
or that Naim recommended this cable?

Obsydian posted long before the show.

Naim used all Superumina cabling apart from some cheap ethernet cable for the LAN.

Shawline was ised at the Harlow roadshow, recall others posting pictures at last years shows, Naim response was it was what we had lying around or something like that.

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