How to make the ND555 do what you want?

Hi all,

we upgraded from NDS to ND555 a few weeks ago and while we are still in the honeymoon phase, we were wondering about a couple of apparent software quirks. I wonder whether somebody has experienced those and knows a remedy.

  1. The automation rarely works if you alternate streaming and playing LPs. After streaming a file from the server, we might put on an LP. For this, we will MANUALLY change the input at the 552 while we are standing in front of the preamp. If the LP is done and we start streaming using the iphone/ipad app (v. 5.11.2) afterwards, the ND555 (v. will not change the input back automatically. If the ND555 is freshly switched on, it might work once or twice, but then it doesn’t. The dealer tried this with his ND555 and observed the same weird behaviour. Surprisingly, when you switch to webradio afterwards or vice versa, the automation does work. Looks like a prgramming glitch to me.

  2. The search function in the iOS app does not work at all. It claims to look for local files, but all our files are- of course- on the Unitiserve/NAS. The streamer and the app know exactly how to find all those files on the server. But how do I tell the search function to search there?

Some additional points I the app creators might want to change:

  1. Where did the OFF button for the webradio stations go in the new app? The fancy remote control does not even allow you to switch back to minim/access. All one has available to kill an annoying song on the radio station is the mute button, a very crude tool.

  2. DO we get a comprehensive, boring manual at some point?

  3. Owners of larger classical music collections would very much appreciate if the letters B and S were subdivided in the app for the streamer. Scrolling through hundreds of CDs/files in each section gets really tedious.

I would very much appreciate help by more experienced members in this forum. Mabe, we are just too slow to figure this out yet? Is advice hidden somewhere in the old forum? Otherwise, I will have to ask NAIMs technical service.

Thanks in advance!


Jorg, as far as Naim are concerned you only need their website FAQ, instead of a manual. Even a cheap kettle from Aldi or Lidl has a manual! Many of us have complained, it falls on deaf ears. These glitches you have need feeding back directly to Naim as they do not as a rule watch the forum.

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Hi Jorg,
You have raised a few valid questions there, some of which have been asked by others. Here are a few answers to some of them:

If you use Tidal, this will search Tidal content. It seems that Naim have had problems making a global search of your own music library, so unfortunately that search does not work at the moment.

I too find it most annoying that you can’t switch off a radio stream. I have raised the issue with Naim in the hope that they will add the ‘stop stream’ button that exists on the old streamers.

There is a ‘Support’ thing on the product web page. It is not an adequate substitute for a comprehensive manual, and navigating it is a frustrating experience, but it is sometimes useful.
As Gazza says above, you should contact Naim directly to make your suggestions heard, as they do not always monitor thus forum.


True Naim are a bit backwards on manuals, but most tech firms now run both paper and epubs, some only the latter, even the likes of Samsung and some auto firms have given up on keeping brochures and manuals offer paper and epubs or them embedded into apps.

Eeek - Naim trying to develop a app for the manual.

Gazza, ChrisSU and obsydian,

Thank you for your insight! It seems as problematic as I thought. Usually, I go by ‘Real men don’t read manuals’. But if I am actually experiencing problems and there exists only some funny web feature instead of a manual, I am irritated.

I guess it it time to ask Naim directly.



Depending on which server you use, you may be able to use the n-Serve app, which has a serviceable track search facility. I’ll occasionally use that to find where an album is located. But then it does mean I have to remember a track name from the album I’m looking for and that’s not always in my head.

Roon builds a database of your music that is instantly searchable. With the Naim app I typically only located music by drilling through alphabetically – artists, then albums. With Roon I just type into the search box what I want to listen to, be it an artist, or album, or track name.

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Allow me to add a few additional questions although some may have been debated at length before the change of forum platform.

  1. How can we rename and change the order of preset internet radio stations as we were able to do with the NDS? Can we have a view of the list of presets with smaller icons as we use to have?
  2. Why have we lost the output and input trimming volume functions with the firmware update - this has been covered before?
  3. How can I control the basic CDP functions I had with the NDS System Automation via Remote out while not using a Naim Audio Preamp?
  4. Why can’t we « multiroom » Chromecast built-in sources? My UQ2 would love it. I am assuming it is a license issue with Google.

Chag -

Regarding point 2, firmware status, mine says it’s up to date at version 3.0.2 (3997). Is there a newer release which addresses the screen freezing issue? If so, how do I get it?


Chag, I have sent Naim a request regarding the Radio presets and they said this will be addressed in a future update.

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Thanks pcd. Good to know. Cheers.

Chag -

Clive, the answer is yes as a beta tester

Yes, I know that. But as you know, I received my ND555 too late to be a beta tester. From the original post of Chag it wasn’t clear which firmware version he was referring to as he referred to the “firmware update”, which is why I stated the version I found on my unit.

I wonder why the firmware currently being tested by the beta group hasn’t yet been released to the wider user base.

It’s not been out that long, why not give Naim a call on Monday and ask to speak to Will in the Beta test team to see if he can release version 3.0.3(4005) for you. For me it would be more useful for them to get your feedback as your unit seems prone?

Good thinking, young Gazza. If I can make the time (and I remember) on Monday, I’ll do that.

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Roon is brilliant.

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