How to open Naim CDX case?


I left the CDX case magnet in my CDX case and I want to open the CDX case, has anyone ever opened it?
Can you tell me step by step how to open this CDX case?
Is opening the CDX case a risky step?

Thank you

Not sure how the cdx case is supposed to open, but the grills on my Harbeth speakers are meant to be removed with a magnetic tool. I have one of those flashlights that have3 flexible legs and fairly strong magnets on the end. Those magnets placed on the grill frame will help pull the grill loose. I’m guessing that a magnet put where the case key usually goes will “unlock” the case. good luck

How to open this Naim CDX, I mean hehehe

If you carefully turn the unit upside down (make sure you stop the door of the CD tray slamming open as you do this) then undo the feet it should allow you to slide out the inner tray with the player inside. Be careful not to catch the acrylic fascia panel on the cover as they can get brittle with age and chip or crack.

Alternatively if you hold the player up on it’s side with the open door facing down and gently move the player around, sometimes you can get a lost clamp to fall out through the hole for the door.

Obviously ensure the CDX is not plugged in when you do any of this. And make sure you take adequate ESD precautions to prevent microchip damage.


thanks for the instructions to open it
I will try it very carefully, if I feel a little heavy, then I will cancel it

It’s quite easy, power it off and leave it for a bit, then carefully turn your CDX upside down while making sure the CD drawer doesn’t slam open, remove the 4 feet (pozidrive screws) and the case ground screw (allen screw), then gently push the internal sled out of the outer case - push from the back to bring the internal guts out of the front of the case while being careful not to catch or drag the perspex olive fascia on the outer case so you don’t crack or chip it (you can’t get new fascias anymore), then you’ll find your puck. Don’t go poking around too much unless you have a properly grounded anti-static strap.

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Isn’t that what Richard Dane said 20 days ago?

Oops, completely missed Richard Danes response, but confirmation never hurts does it?


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