How to organize ripped CD's

I recently bought a Naim Uniti Star. I attached a 500 GB SSD to it and started to rip a few of my 800 CD’s. I would like to know how I can add tags like “composer” to the file so the app shows me the right CD’s under the folder “composer”. I cannot find a possibility jet.


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The answer to your question is that you can’t, at least not using Naim’s app because they have not yet implemented editing of the composers field.

There is a work around though, which is that you could rip the CDs on a PC, sort out the metadata with editing software and then load the music files onto the USB disc.



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Thanks David. Do you have any idea if Naim wil implement this in the nearest future, or do you have any advise what software is suitable for this job?

A lot of people recommend dBpoweramp. Certainly I used that when ripping my CD collection and I found it a very good start to getting all the metadata as it should be. (I’ve since moved to Yate but you can’t rip with that, which you can with dBpoweramp.)


Some time ago Naim said editing composers and conductors in UnitiCore was on their development road map, but nothing seems to have happened. The Core and the Star use much of the same firmware, so I suppose we can hope it may become available in due course because searching on those fields is a waste of time when classical CDs are so variable in the way they treat names.


Stephen and David, thanks helping. I think to continue ripping with the Star and organize the metadata connecting the SSD to a Macbook with Yate. When I connect the SSD to the Star again, I hope the Star will recognise the metadata in the appropiat folders.
Greetings, Piet

My Atom reads in the database each time, I disconnect my external SSD. (Which also takes some time…)
So I would expect the Star to also re-read when you reconnect the disk and such get the meta-data updates you did.
Please let us know, if it did not…

The inability to customize metadata has been a deficiency with the Naim ripper/servers from the time of the UnitiServe (I bought one of those in 2011) up to the Core today. To me, it’s a significant deficiency, and a big reason I sold off the UServe and moved to a $300 Synology nas, MinimServer, and ripping cd’s on my laptop. To continue with the Core, you could rip with a laptop, edit the metadata to your liking, and then put the files in the Downloads folder of the Core. You’ll get all the features of the Core as a server, just not using it to rip.

@Bart He doesn’t have a Core. He has a Star which is similar in this regard but not quite the same!

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