How to place ProAc Tablette Anniversary speakers - what is right?


I just got a pair of ProAc Tablette Anniversary speakers to replace Totem Dreamcathchers in my music studio. They sound very nice but they are asymmetrical. The tweeter is off center. I discovered that after placing them and removing the grills (see picture).

Does anyone has an idea whether the tweeters should be on the outside or the inside of the sound stage? Couln’t find a manual nor in the box neither on the net.

I know I could try for myself but I am a bit lazy.

In addition, the speakers are currently sitting on blue tack. What kind of stand would you recommend.

Thanks for your help

I’ve just purchased a pair of Kanto SP9 stands for the speakers that serve my pc to raise them coser to ear height. They are robustly made, have two different sized top plates for different speaker types and for 64 squid do a good job. On what way round for the tweeter, you’ve probably answered your own question. Whatever suits your room and ears best.

Proac say inside.


If tweeters are at your ear level, no need for stands, just replace the blue tack with a proper isolation, that’s what I did, in my case I use Atacama Gel Pads. For near field listening they do make a difference.

If ProAc says inside, I’ll stick by their advice.

The tweeters are below my ears. Nevertheless gel pads is a good idea because I have resonances at certain frequencies.

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Try laying down a folded cotton bath towel in front of both speakers to catch the first reflection. I think you’ll be pleased with the result. It has to be cotton or thick wool. Not anything synthetic.

IsoAcoustics Aperta seem to be well regarded as desktop speaker stands

Thanks Mike for the advice.

It can be an interim solution before I buy a small but proper stand.

Thanks Suedkiez.

I’ll look into the Isoacoustics Aperta stands. Some Atacamas could also do the job.

when I first had my IMFs, the blurb said the drive units were arranged as they were (bass driver one side of the front baffle, mid and tweeters the other, to slew the polar pattern (the sound distribution) for best soundstage with (IIRC) tweeters/midrange ‘inside’. But it also indicated that it depended on the room, and that in some situations they’d be better the other way round…

Well… I guess I’ll have to test by myself. The reason I am reluctant to do the test is because I use nude cables and not RCA plugs and that I have to unscrew the poles.

The speakers are used as monitors. Thus the interaction with the room is probably less important when listening close to the speakers.

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