How to play a ripped CD - Uniti Star

An embarrassingly basic question, but I can’t find the answer in the manual …

I have a 2TB external HDD hanging out of the rear USB port of my Star; the Star can “see” it, I formatted it with the Naim app (I am 99% sure I did, it was a week or two since doing that), and have ripped a CD. In settings I have set FLAC as the format to rip too.

After the ripping had ended the CD ejected, but I can’t find where to play it back. (The CD plays fine in physical playback mode).

I have looked under “USB”, “Server”, “Digital 1”, but the album doesn’t show up anywhere.

Where am I going wrong? :cold_sweat:

As a follow up question, when playing the CD (using the remote to start the process), when I tap on CD on the iPad app it says “Loading …” but never goes through to the album / track list. Is this correct? Seems unlikely.



Normally you can find the ripped CD under the Servers option in local music.

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Thanks @stew1011 ; within Servers I can see Local Music, my (Loewe) TV and three Sonos IPs; within Local Music there are a load of (what are presumably Naim) folders - such as Albums / Artists / Newest CDs etc etc, but all of them are empty. There should be either one or two ripped CDs in there somewhere.

Hi @haffle

Have you managed the music stores under settings/manage music/configure music stores

This sets were the music is stored.


I think I have; under Settings / Manage Music / Configure Music Stores / View Store, I can see an entry called NAIM-c589d2, Buffalo HD-PCFU3, it is attached to USB Rear Panel & is 1.82TB. All those details look correct to me (it is a Buffalo 2TB HDD). It is also the only Music Store the system finds.

I don’t know the answer to this but recently with my Star the naim app on my iPad does the same as yours. Just tells me it’s loading… So now I can’t rip CDs.
Also my Star has lost the ability to play any ripped CDs 4 times since I have had it. The sound is great but everything else about the star is poor. Wish I had kept my CD player !

To bring this thread to a conclusion; I have no idea what was the problem, or how I resolved it, but everything now works and all of my CDs have been ripped. Can’t say I enjoyed going through the process, but glad it is all now done.

Thanks all.

Hmmm, I have now “lost” all of my CDs on the external drive again; I did unplug the drive to move some kit about, but I am in the same position as before where the Star sees the drive (correct details), but all of the folders are empty. I deleted the music store (without deleting the music) and then searched for and re-connected it as a store. This is all very frustrating … :cold_sweat:

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