How to play m3u playlist from Logitech Media server on NDX2

I recently acquired an NDX2.

I have been streaming music including playlists (m3u files) via a Logitech Media server (LMS) which is installed on a Micro VortexBox from Small Green Computer. With the Naim App I can access the Music folder on the LMS server and play all files in the subfolders Artists, Albums, Genres etc. I can also access the VortexBox Media Server via the Naim App, including subfolders All Music, Artists, Albums and Playlists; however, the Playlists folder is empty.

Basically, my VortexBox Media Server has a Playlist folder with ~30 playlists in m3u format that cannot be accessed via the NDX2. As I don’t want to recreate all playlists on my NDX2, any assistance on how to access the m3u playlists is greatly appreciated.

Are you saying you have two copies of your Music and files, or do both uPnP servers (LMS and MVB) point to the same physical location on your SGComputer?

If the same, are they the exact same folder locations, or could they be slightly different, e.g. LMS point to /Users/FWDMD an MVB point to something like /Users/FWDMD/MyMusic

(just to add, I know nothing about the Vortex Box, just trying to help from general knowledge)

I use a QNAP NAS drive running ASSET server.
In ASSET, I add m3u lists to any folder and set the ASSET server to look for the target folder where my playlists are located.
My NDX2 finds them easily when I select “Playlists” which appears under the ASSET server.
I have no personal knowledge of the way your server handles them, but the NDX2 can certainly read the m3u lists, if it knows where they are.

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Thanks for your assistance, GadgetMan!

I have attached pics of the file folder on my MVB.
I have one file folder on my MVB which is the SGComputer ( which lists files, movies, music and pictures.

The Naim App shows this under servers

The Music folder in the VB media server show Playlists folder but it is doesn’t contain any playlist files.

Hm - on that last picture, if you go into Folders, do you see another Playlist folder.

Also if you go into Playlist folder from Finder on your Mac, then can you view the contents of the m3u files, and include a screenshot.

Can you look at the config of both LMS and VM, and see what folder are they pointing to, and then are those two folder names different?

If I go into Folders, there is no Playlist folder.

I have attached a pic of the m3u files in the Playlist folder.

Still trying to get info on config of LMS and MVB - will send pic ASAP.

Here is a pic for info on Playlist Folder location for the LMS.

Can you please guide me where to find info on config for Playlist on MVB?

I’ve wondered how m3u playlists work with the current platform. I’m on a legacy streamer and have my m3u playlist files in a playlist folder under the media folder of my QNAP. I can see the playlists in UPNP/Asset but they will not play from the app. Instead I use UPNP/Minimserver and the m3u playlists show up in the playlists menu of the Naim app and play perfectly. I would prefer to use Asset but apparently that’s not possible on the legacy platform.

Sorry but I cant guide you where the VB config is, as I have no knowledge. Just trying to build up a picture that will hopefully give us clues. So, so far we have

/storage/ (VB may point here for music)
/storage/music/flac (LMS points here for music)
/storage/music/mp3/Selectd mp3 (LMS points here for music)
/storage/music/playlists/*/m3u (LMS points here for playlists)

If you can find the VB config, that may help here. Next step, is one any one of those m3u files, can you highlight it in Finder, then press the space-bar, and it will hopefully show what’s in the file. A screen shot would also be good here
What I’m trying to determine where the playlist is looking for the music files

e.g. is it
/storage/music/flac/ABBA/Waterloo.mp3. (using a full pathname)
…/flac/ABBA/Waterloo.mp3. (using a relative filename)
or something else

Appreciate your assistance, GadgetMan!

I am out for a week but will provide requested info on m3u files ASAP.

Thanks again & Happy New Year!

Sure, take your time. I’m not sure we can definitely solve this, but if you are game, then so am I. Happy New year to you also :blush:

Why not?
I have configured Asset to play on a Mu-So gen1.
The latest version of Asset does not support playlists in sub-folders of your playlist folder unlike earlier versions.
Also remote playlists using http/https do not work on legacy platforms with the Naim app, i.e. for radio stations.

When you quote me out of context it removes the meaning. I explained I’m already using Asset. I would like to be able to use Asset for playlists as well but the legacy platforms don’t work for whatever reason. Minimserver works fine for radio station playlists on the legacy platforms but Asset does not. Go figure.

I can access the playlist folder via “files” and “music”. Since I am not sure if both list the same m3u file, I am first providing a pic of a m3u file accessed under files → music → playlists.

Second pic is same m3u file name accessed under music → playlists.

Lmk if you need more info…

Thanks for doing that. Unfortunately that hasn’t really uncovered anything wrong, but does confirm that both m3u files are the same, and use FULL pathnames (rather than relative) i.e.

#EXTINF:318,Where’s Your Child
/storage/music/flac/Bam Bam/03_Track_03.flac

I fear I’m nearing the end of being able to help you.

I note from something you sent there is a website which contains a Forum. I couldn’t find an answer as such, but note that you are on VB version 2.2, and at least 2.4 is available. So that may be worth looking at. Also you could try posting your query on that Forum, as they will obviously have more VB knowledge. They don’t really need to know about the NDX2 as that is just a uPnP player.

I guess one question may be why do you need to access playlists via the VB Media Server, if it works via LMS

Also one other question - on your screenshot of the VB settings, there is an option on the bottom left that says system configuration. That may help here, but be careful not to share too much personal data

Thanks again for your support, GadgetMan!

I am providing a pic of the VB system config. Lmk if this is of any help. If not, I will proceed posting my issue on the VB forum.