How to power a Stageline with Supercaps?

Usual system; Superline with a Supercap DR, NAC252 with a Supercap DR, and NAP 300 DR.
I want to add a second turntable with a MM cartridge into a Stageline, but how best to power the Stageline?
Both the Supercaps have spare 24v power/input sockets, but which should I use, the preamp’s or the Superline’s?

The Supercaps should only ever be used to power one item at any one time. You could use the AUX2 on the NAC though.

o.k. that is Naim’s advice but seems a bit odd as obviously that 24v supply is coming from the preamp’s Supercap which is already doing preamp powering duties. The Superline must use less power than the Preamp, particularly as both turntables won’t be running at the same time, so do you think it is an earthing issue?

The power supply for the AUX2 feed is dedicated and specifically routed through the Burndy connection, into the NAC252, which uses all the Supercap supplies. By connecting to one of the two 2 x24V DC supplies you’re actually sharing circuits already in use which can reduce overall performance and stress the regulators (which is why these should never be used in addition to using the Burndy connection). AFAIK you’re also sharing in the case of the Supercap on the Superline, so similarly you should never use the SV DC on the DIN when also using the Burndy connection. I’m just not sure why you would want to do that, when Naim have already provided the best solution via the AUX2.

Thanks for that Richard.
I’m just a habitual fiddler with Hi-fi.
The best solution would be to unplug the Superline, and use its Supercap dedicated to the Stageline, as obviously both TTs won’t be playing at the same time, but we all know what its is like bending over a tower of boxes with a TT on top, peering into the dark trying to find the right sockets to plug into.
I shall use the dedicated DIN on the NAC as advised.

If you do decide to follow your best solution, don’t forget to turn off the Supercap and let its capacitors discharge before unplugging the Superline. It’s certainly safer to use the powered Aux 2.

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Yes, if you want the best performance then switching off the Supercap, unplugging the Superline, and then plugging in the Stageline (or vice versa) might be best, however, note that whichever bit of kit is plugged in will be cold and will need to warm up for a few days to be at their best. If you really want the best, then most convenient solution is another Supercap for the Stageline…

A third Supercap DR would be a step too far!!! Only with regard to shelf space, obviously.

Actually, I do have a couple of old HiCaps lying around, so there’s another option.

You haven’t tried a Stageline N yet with AUX power but you’re condemning it already. What turntable and MM cartridge are you buying that needs a supercapped Stageline?
I have a London Decca Maroon in an Aro feeding mine in my second system and it’s surprisingly good with the Stageline powered from AUX2 of a 282 which is itself powered from a mere hicap and not even a DR one.
Why not get it going with AUX power to start with.

Don’t want to use Aux powered?
Don’t want a second HiCap/Supercap?

Solution: Buy a non Naim phono stage. There are loads out there and some are apparently rather good. You already have a Superline for your main MC listening so forcing the issue with a Stageline plus another external power supply seems a bit OTT.

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The MM cart will be going in an SME model 20 with an SME V arm. Currently an Ortofon 2M Black.
Obviously, I have fancier MM phono stages for my other main system, but the Naim is in the main living room so I want a Naim phono stage purely for cosmetic reasons.
As for OTT, this is a forum where people spend many thousands on bits of mains cable and speaker wire. Now some might call that truly OTT.

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How’s retirement going man?
Are you still playing in bands ?

Hi, good to hear from you.
Playing in bands is all I do nowadays, very grateful.

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