How to put PC stuff on ‘the cloud’?

Dumb question alert.

I have a PC running Windows 10 with all our files on a single hard-drive inside. It’s getting a bit long in the tooth and I’d like to ensure it’s all backed-up properly…in the simplest way.

I have my music files also on an external (portable) drive already.



I have used Microsoft OneDrive for quite a few years. I use the iPad for most Microsoft Office work. Work brilliantly. You might need a fast fibre internet connection to get your music uploaded! Most of use probably back the music up to several USB drives, which are cheap, and rotate to a safe place.


Thanks Filipe. Is Microsoft ‘One Drive’ a service you buy online?


Built into Windows. There is usually some free storage, which with an Office 365 licence is 1TB. Without I think it is quite sufficient.


Sorted. Many thanks.


You need to consider how much you’ve got to back up, and what your broadband speeds are, then look for a suitable cloud service as most will have monthly or annual costs above and beyond a basic storage quota which generally isn’t much.

Broadband speeds are generally faster downloading than uploading and if your upload speed is only a few Mbps it may take days or longer to backup significant amounts of data to the cloud.

I can’t really recommend any cloud storage service as I don’t have enough familiarity with them from a practical viewpoint - while I do use iCloud I’m a little reluctant to store personal info in the cloud in case of unexpected security issues though nothing is really safe on a computer.

Some online backup systems will have software which you can configure to backup certain folders automatically, but beware of deleting items on a computer if ths software syncs as you might lose a cloud copy.

It will be interesting to know what others use.

Might be a good time to do a bit of sorting of digital files - essential vs non-essential, the former would include important family photos/video for me and documents I may need in the future.

I would not put all my eggs in one basket either and rely on a cloud solution, and many would advocate several physical copies of very important files at different locations eg home/work or home/relative’s house. In practice I’m not very good at this!

If you have Amazon Prime I think Amazon has unlimited photo storage which I may try if it truly keeps the original format.

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IMHO, the best solution is to go for multiple back ups in differente HDD located in different places; easy, cheap and, above all, reliable and controllable.


A usb drive has a hard disk in it!

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I use a Qnap NAS for storing music, running Minimserrver, backing up W10, docs and multimedia. These are then in turn backed up to Google Drive automatically using the Qnap backup app

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