How to replace front on CB hicap

looking for info on how best to replace damaged front face on CB hi-cap can i buy new front or is it easy to remove from a old none working CB nap 110 to replace it

Trying to remove a fascia from an old CB shoebox may very likely destroy it, so forget that.

AFAIK Naim’s original replacement facias are long gone. However, I think Darran at Class A received permission from Naim to make up a batch of new replacement CB fascias. Certainly I had one such fitted to my '85 NAP250 (the original had browned and gone brittle, as they all tended to to do from this particular year) and it’s an excellent item. I would contact Darran at Class A.

n.b. I’ve seen some others around on places like eBay, but as these have a reproduction of Naim’s logo and did not seek or receive permission from Naim to use it, I would advise you to steer clear.

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thank’s i did send message to Darran at Class A but still had no reply but they say on site it can only be replace as part of service which would not be good as it was only serviced end of 2020

OK, I guess that’s fair enough. It stops them being used on fakes and “bitsas”.

If serviced to 100% Naim spec with factory spec parts fitted then the fascia can be replaced on it’s own. However, my agreement with Naim is they will not be fitted to non spec units or provided for D.I.Y. fitting.

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