How to replace Spotify with Tidal in the main menu on "Naim Uniti Nova"?

On the main menu of my Naim Unity Nova “Spotify” is shown. Can this be replaced with Tidal, because I registered to “TIDAL HiFi Plus”

Yes you can reorder the inputs in the app. This changes the order the inputs appear in the app. You can’t change anything for the screen layout.
Settings then sources layout.

If you mean the display on the front of the Nova, it does not show the Tidal input. You can’t control Tidal from there, only from the app, so select the input in the Naim app, or use Tidal Connect from the Tidal app.

Yes, thank you. That’s it!
Is there a possibility to place Enhancements?

Not sure what you mean by this, can you explain a bit more?

I mean is it possible to place an enhancement to naim for software to treat the tidal connect the same way as the spotify connect. So that with a softwareupdate I can choose what I want to have in the main menu.

You can post something here; there are no guarantees anyone will read it let alone build it.

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