How to reply to a post with grey arrow and also delete posts

Basic question. When I try to use grey arrow to reply to a post, how do I ensure that it goes to person who posted it. I have tried a few times but it just becomes a routine post, not a reply to that individual. Hence a few strange test posts recently that I also cannot delete

Ah, as far as I can see, when I reply to someone, it doesn’t show me who was the subject of the reply, but I can see it for other people’s replies. At least I think that’s it, I’ve wondered a few times and decided that is what’s happening.

Just checked, I’m pretty sure this was a reply to your post, but for me it doesn’t show the link.

Delete is usually click on the … below the post, then the waste paper bin picture.

I don’t know if this explains apparently errant behaviour: When going to start a reply, the he yellow highlighted button identifies the person to whom directed. The red one has no such identification:

If you stop writing, e.g. to look back at a previous post, your choice is updated if you hit one of the reply buttons again.

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Thanks eoink. Your reply was not sent to me but Innocent Bystanders was. When I tap the grey arrow top left of screen, presumably to send to you, I have 2 choices “Reply as linked topic” which is to set up a new thread or “ reply to topic” which is to no particular person. If I just tap the black box Reply on the bottom left it just posts the general thread it seems. So I am nonetheless wiser.

It worked. Push 1 st grey return arrow, then black return arrow to send to person. I hope.

Thanks IB. Hope you get this.

Thanks Hugh and IB.

If you reply to the last post before your reply, you will not see a link to that post.

If you reply to a post that is earlier than the last post, you should see a link to the post you are responding to.

I think !


Exactly right Don.

Got it

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And if you want to make sure you can always address the person specifically in the post like this @IDAK

So William, how do I get the name of the avatar included as you have? Thanks

You need to respond to a post of William’s that appeared earlier in the thread. If you reply straight after one of his posts it won’t show as there’s no need for it, it’s obvious you’re responding the post just above yours.

You just type @ and a list of avatars will appear. You can keep on typing the avatar name until it’s there on the screen for you to tap.

This is different to what Richard is explaining. It depends exactly what you are wanting to do as to which you use.



@davidhendon thanks.

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In this case you only need to say thanks. As it follows David’s post it is automatically a reply to him. The @ is only needed if you want to specifically alert someone.

@hungryhalibut thanks. I was just practicing my new skill. ATB

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