How to reset Unitiqute without monitor

Hi everone.
I know that’s sounds stupid. I closed the screen for a long time, and it’s long enough to forget how to reset it.
could anyone help me open the screen or reset my UQ?
I tried this before but no use
setting → up → OK/list → up → OK/list → OK/list
setting → up → OK/list → up → OK/list → right → OK/list

Thanks a lot

Assuming you have a wifi router and a mobile device (iPhone, iPad, Android phone, etc.) with the free Naim app installed, you could possibly reset the UnitiQute by plugging it into your wi-fi router with an ethernet cable and then control it using the app. Hope this helps.

You can’t do a reset of the Unitiqute from the Naim app.

There is a way to do it just with the front panel buttons, but I forget how to do that. @NeilS could tell us, when he is next passing by. Edit: I found Neil’s instructions.

“To factory reset a legacy Uniti, Switch the unit on while pressing & holding the front panel stop button (hold it for at least 10 seconds).
Then press the front panel play button. Leave the unit to run through the reset procedure - 2 or 3 minutes.”

But if the screen is not showing anything at all then this won’t be solved by doing a reset. It’s a very common and well recognised hardware fault and requires a replacement screen to be fitted. If your’s is a Unitiqute, rather than a Unitiqute 2, then unfortunately it may not be possible to replace the screen as the original screen is no longer manufactured.

I hope that helps.

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You can get them on ebay

Thanks, but unfortunately unitiqute doesn’t have stop buttom on it…
Hop @NeilS could tell me another way to do this…

Oh yes sorry. I should have remembered that!

Try this,
Press the spanner.
Press up once
Press ok.
Press up once.
Press ok.
Then tap the logo on the front of the unit.

You’ll need to give it a couple of minutes to reset.



Will this work to get the UQ up and running following a CMOS battery replacement ?

What CMOS battery replacement?

Hi Neils,
It look works thanks a lot.
But I’m not sure will it reset the screen setting?
I’m afraid my screen was gone…


The one in the UQ.

Needs a VGA monitor and keyboard to set up afterwards, neither of which I have. I wondered if there was a way to complete the set up from the UQ screen.

I think you are talking about Unitiserve not Unitiqute. There is no CMOS battery in a Unitiqute (or at least I never heard there was one).

In any case there is no way of avoiding the VGA screen/keyboard procedure with Unitiserve after a battery change.

Ah, my error then. I used both the UQ and US together and mixed up which one took the battery.

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Hi Douglas,

It’s not possible to turn the UQ screen off completely, you can set the auto off time, but it will still wake when it receives a command for the prescribed period.
I think that the default setting (after reset) is permanently on.
If your screen is permanently off, the chances are that it has failed.


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@NeilS Also I think you would get the splash screen in startup whatever the screen settings, unless the screen has failed?

Quite correct David - you do indeed!


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Is the screen not just dead, this is a famous ‘feature’ of naim screens.

Yes. As I said back in post 3 of this thread.

You are amazing Dave, well done.