How to Rip CD and Play Stored Music via Naim HDX SSD?

Hello, @Blythe I checked your the other thread and the last instruction under “Permission” tab under the folder, do I just tick all of assets showing there?

Here is the screenshot that I just tick eveything under “Read Only”

Thank you…

Those Synology apps don’t need access to your music folder.

Click on ‘System internal user’ and select ‘Local users’. You should be able to see any user accounts you have set up, including admin, guest, etc. Give them read/write access.

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Thanks, Chris. Just did.

Do you happen to know why it may show as Offline?

I guess that I need to click “Use as Store” button on the right but it is greyed out because it is showing as offline. (scratching head)…

Apologies for a slow response.
This is how I have mine set, Read/Write for the admin account and my home account called bruern.

I also note that I had to “Deactivate” the drive in n-Serve for it to become available for me to use as a backup… Which seemed odd…
Also as ChrisSU said, no need to grant access to all of those additional apps. Just the users for the folder where your HDX will want to write the files to and be able to read them for playback.

Does the synology support smb1 the hdx is very obsolete at this stage so you will need to enable old technologies to get it working.

Returning errors on passwords etc is very likely an SMB issue

I don’t know much about synology though, so cannot advise how to check

@ChrisSU @Blythe Thank you so much for you guys help.

I finally managed to connect to my NAS and put the folder into Network Stores.

I will try ripping a few CDs and hope it works :slight_smile:

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Just tried ripping a few CDs and found that it stores in the folder but in WAV file format even though I changed setting to save as FLAC under Music Stores > Storage Format > Flac.

WAV file takes two times more space than FLAC so preferred format is FLAC.

If I remember correctly, it will rip in WAV, then over a period of time convert those files to FLAC. That conversion will only happen when the HDX is not in use.
The same goes for the MP3 versions - they are converted after ripping.
Also, any changes to Meta data, renaming / adding artwork can only be done when the HDX is not processing the ripped files. Try leaving it for 30 minutes, then check the status of this rips.

It may also be that you haven’t set FLAC in the correct place. Here it is on my HDX.
You do not need to re-rip if you change the setting as it will update all existing rips anyway.

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Glad to hear you are up and running. As Blythe says, it takes a bit of time for the HDX to convert WAV to FLAC. It’s only a few minutes per album, but if you have ripped a number of CDs in succession they will wait in a queue.
If you look at the files in your Mac Finder you’ll see them changing from WAV to FLAC, one track at a time. If this isn’t happening you may need to check that you have the correct settings.
Any albums that aren’t transcoded to FLAC can easily be converted at a later date if necessary. Just control-click on the album in N-Serve and select FLAC from the dropdown box that appears.

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Thank you… I just checked and my setting is exactly same.

I will leave it idle for a couple of hours to see if it automatically convert to Flac. Fingers Crossed. :slight_smile:

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Thank both of you again. I just checked the Encoding Monitor section and see that each file is converting FLAC slowly so it seems working fine. :blush:

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Just an aside, but, having ripped your CDs in FLAC to maximise storage space, did you know that, if you prefer the sound of WAV files, you can set your HDX to convert them to WAV, on the fly, during replay?

Something the newer ripper / streamers are unable to do, for some reason.

The HDX may well be a vintage piece of kit, but it does exactly what it says on the tin, and mine, having been completely overhauled by Naim, a couple of years ago, should be good for a while yet.

EDIT : Best you check that your SSD HDX can do this conversion on files stored on your NAS, rather than, as in my case, files stored internally on the HDX drives … … … I might be misleading you here. :man_shrugging:

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As dave-marshall says, it’s worth checking the transcoding from FLAC to WAV on play-back.
Mine is not the SSD model of HDX so I’m also not sure if it’s even possible on an SSD model.
Here’s a screen shot of where the setting is on mine.

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Just checked my setting and it looks like it has the transcoding option.

Not sure which one to choose among 5 different options. Should I choose “Native” or “44.1 KHz Wav”?

‘Decode’ is the one you want. 44.1kHz WAV will also be fine if you only have CD rips, but if you add any high res music to the downloads folder you probably won’t want that resampled to 16/44.1.

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