How to sort favourite albums alphabetically on Tidal?

Recently subscribed to Tidal using a NDX.
Using the favourite album option I want to create an album collection just as I’m used to with my CD’s,vinyl and UPnP collection, meaning I want to sort them alphabetically on artist name.
I searched high and low but I can’t seem to find that option with the iOS Naim app. Only lets you sort the album list on date added to collection. Fine for now, when there are only a couple of albums in the list but it becomes useless when then are several hundreds in the list.
Strange enough the alphabetical sort option is there on the android version of the Naim app on my smartphone.
Am I missing something here or is that option just not there on the iOS version of the app?

Assuming you are within the Naim App, and select Tidal, then you ought to see “My Collection”, which is those albums you have saved as favourites.

If you then choose “Albums”, you’ll see on the next line down “A-Z”, and selecting this offers the option of sorting those albums by “Artist”

Hope this helps.

You can do that on the Tidal iOS app. What I don’t know is whether or not this option then shows if you then open the corresponding list on the Naim app.

Thx!! Found it!
Completely missed that line. because at this moment I only have a few albums in the list, I never did a swipe from top to the bottom, so that line never appeared.
I thought i was going mad because I couldn’t imagine the one who wrote the app didn’t implemented something as basic as that. Or he/she was smoking some really weird sh*t while coding…
Anyway, thanks again. Happy camper now!

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