How to stream from NAS to non Naim active speakers

Hi - I hope you will forgive the non-Naim query but hope that there is someone on here with the relevant knowledge to help me? I am currently trialling some new Dynaudio Focus 30 active speakers (considering replacing my 272, Nap 200 and Tablette 10 sigs). They are supposedly streaming speakers but so far I have found no way of getting them to stream from my Synology NAS (with the 272 I’m using Asset upnp).
I think I need to download an app to my iphone which will then control or “cast” the sound to the Dynaudios - but have no idea how to do this. I’ve tried Synology Media Servicer and the DS app but there is no way of identifying the Dynaudios on the DS app.
Does anyone know of a simple solution here? I’ll go back to the dealer tomorrow for advice. At the moment I have had to sign up to Tidal but just want to be able to stream from the NAS. The speakers do sound very good - but it has made me realise how good the Naim app is.
Any suggestions much appreciated!

In the manual it says:

Streaming via UPnP or DLNA
Your Focus speakers can play audio streams from any UPnP or DLNA compatible network source and playback app.
To play a UPnP or DLNA stream on your Focus speakers:

  1. Open the playback app’s output settings menu
  2. Select your Focus speakers.
    When audio is subsequently selected within the playback app, it will play via your Focus speakers.

It’s a bit incomplete information, but it seems to me that you might need a 3rd-party app that can read data from the UPnP server like Asset and stream it to the speakers. I’m not an expert but my guess would be something line the MConnect or BubblePNP app?

Looking at the various www tech into on these speakers, I agree with Suedkiez, its woefully short of info.
If you’re trailing the speakers, I assume this is with a dealer or shop/outlet that trades in audio & with Dynaudio, surely they should be advising you or actually helping you with the setting up.

I was looking at these a couple of years ago and have a vague recollection that you need to add a Dynaudio Connect box to use them with a UPnP server. My memory of this is a little sketchy so I’m not 100% certain but maybe something to investigate.

Thanks very much for your replies - yes the manual is terrible and no help! I’m going to speak to the dealer tomorrow but just wondered if I was missing something obvious here.

Download the Synology DS Audio app and click on the top right icon and select the speakers.

Never used it, but it may work.

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I don’t think I will help much, but if can lead to another piece of puzzle.

I used to play music from my Synology NAS on my Qute. I was using Minimstreamer software. The Naim app was able to see it the same way you could choose any sources on the app. I can’t test it today as my NAS is half broken but I’m 99% sure if it was still up my KEF LSX active speaker application would see it the same way.

It’s your speakers app who needs to “see” your streamer software. Did you tried the app Dynaudio Control or the Setup And Control? It look like my KEF Control app.
Good luck!!

Try the M connect player app. The lite version is free and works really well at least on an iPhone. Don’t know if there’s an Android version.

MConnect is on IOS. On Android use BubbleUPnP as the control app. Your AssetUPnP should be fine.

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I used to own Dynaudio XD 600’s for about 5 years. The new focus are a little different I believe, but I admit I have not looked at them.
I ran my XD’s from the digital out of my old 272, and later an NDS. Mine were hard wired from the streamer, and also hard wired between the master and slave speakers. Hard wiring ensures that you get the maxim 192 KHz signal out of them. Using wireless limited you to 96 KHz, so I never even bought the connect box.
If you still have the 272, hook a digital cable from it to the master speaker.
You can send the data between the speakers wirelessly if you want, but at a reduced bit-rate.
Again, the new Focus line may of changed, but that is how I used my last generation active Dyns.

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