How to switch between families on Uniti Core?

Hi All,
I’m wondering if anyone could be so kind as to help me? I have music stored in two locations (families) on my Uniti Core device, but can’t switch between them in order to access/play music,
Thank you in advance.

Hi, are these locations folders that have been properly set up as music stores, either on the Core internal drive or a network drive? If so the music should all be merged into a single library when the Core scans and indexes them.

Thanks for your response, Chris!!
I believe that I have properly set up the music stores as I have been able to save to both of them? One is is the internal drive while the other is a PNY device plugged into the rear port.

As Chris says above, regardless of the locations of the folders, all the music therein should all be merged and indexed by the core as a single library when you view it through the App. Are you saying you only get part of it?

Are you hoping to browse the music stored on each drive separately? UPnP servers like the Core generally merge all the music into a single library regardless of the physical location of the files.
It’s been a while since I used a Core, I don’t recall whether it has a folder view option as most other servers do which would allow you to browse by location if that’s what you prefer.

Ideally, I want the music merged into a single library, which hasn’t happened. I’ve been able save music in both locations and they show up when I go too “Manage Music Stores”. However, they never merged, and I seem to be stuck in the drive which I saved music in most recently.

I can’t Thank you both enough for your suggestions. I believe that I have things figured out. I am using “Importing Music” (Duh). I’m not sure if it’s importing too the PNY device, which has adequate capacity, or sharing? I hope to find out when the process is completed. In any case, it doesn’t say much for the company’s tech support whereby customers are left to figure things out with each other. Thanks again!!!

Out of interest, were the Uniti Core support pages, setup video or Naim Tech Support not able to help you?

You should only have one Music Store. You can’t have two active Music Stores! The Music Store is where the Core will save it’s own CD rips. If you want to have another store location, for example a USB drive as well as an internal hard drive, then you need to decide which one you want to save CDs to and make that the Music Store. Then you make the other one a Music Share. The options are right next to each other in the Core settings screen in the Naim app.

The app will then index all the music in both places and present them in a single listing in the Naim app.

Importing the music will work, but you didn’t need to do it that way unless you want to have it all in one location.

I probably would have done what you suggested if I had seen it sooner. Right now, I’m ok with saving everything in one location. I intend to back everything up too an external hard drive sometime soon anyway.

While you’ve been so helpful, I’m wondering if you can answer another question?
Is it possible to save select music to an i-phone?

You can put copies into iTunes/Apple Music on a computer and sync it to an iPhone. Convert them to ALAC though.
Other music players are worth considering on an iPhone such as VLC or HF Player which can handle a wider range of formats than iTunes.

I don’t think I can improve on @ChrisSU ‘s answer!

Ahh, I was hoping to be able to do it directly from the Uniti Core.

You can’t undo nuts and bolts with a screwdriver, however good it is….

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