How to take advantage of source coming from the AVR to Nait XS3

Hi. I will have a new Naim XS3 integrated amplifier in a couple of days. I will hook up my Front loudspeaker on it instead of on my Denon AVR (X3700H). I understand that pushing the AV button ON the XS3 the AVR will combine the front speakers and all the others ones to have my HT working. But I am wondering how to take advantage of the integrated SPOTIFY on the Denon (output is stereo) going to work with the XS3. In the same aera of questionning myself, I will hook up a CD (OPPO) to the XS3. At that point will the volume control will comme from my Denon ? My CD ? Or from the XS3.
Putting it another way, if the switch in the back is ON for the AV Bypass feature, and the AV button is push at OFF , were is the volume control will be ? In stereo mode that is. Thank you for helping.

If it’s the same as the sn3, when you press the CD button on the amplifier, volume control is handed back to the Naim amp.

Got it ! Thank you !
What is the sn3 ?

Supernait 3.

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