How to turn off the display on a Nac 82

Hi Richard (and anybody else with Naim knowledge)

I recently bought a Nac 82 as a temporary partner to a Hicap DR and Nap 250DR as a basis for linking up to an NDX2 or NDX5XS until I can afford a Nac 282

I am trying without success to turn off the ‘colourful’ display of red and green lights on the 82 without success. The Naim remote I was supplied with doesn’t have ‘soft’ keys to change between source and pre-amplifier but rather it just separately replicates the buttons on a Naim CD and Pre-amplifier. I have searched online manuals and this seems to be a remote that was supplied with a Naim CDI model and maybe other older Naim CD players.

Is there any way I can mute the display either with the above remote or on the Nac 82 itself? Otherwise would the later Narcom 3 be compatible with the Nac 82 as I think that remote has the ability to mute the display on pre-amplifiers?

Thanks for looking


The display cannot be turned off.

Bob, I assume the remote is an early one for the NAC82 - does it look like this?


Apart from that, on the earlier series pre-amps you could not defeat the display lights.

Richard - yes that’s the remote I have. So the later Narcom 3 would not be able to dim the display? A pity but ok for a few months.

I am temporarily running my Nova through the 82/Hicap/250 until I upgrade to a separate streamer and it is a very pleasant sound indeed - certainly a lot better than a bare Nova and also an improvement over the Nova/250DR

HH thanks for your reply - good to see you back on the new Forum - and your old 250DR is doing sterling service here

The display defeat arrived with the new look electronics and is part of the logic control system, it’s not in itself a function of the remote control.

Hi Bob. Glad the 250 is still cutting the mustard. I have no idea who anyone is any more… Anyway, just to be explicitly clear, you cannot turn off the display on the 82 no matter which remote you have, so you’ll just have to get used to it.

It’s maybe a naive question but what if I turned off the napsc power supply overnight and perhaps during the day when I am not listening to music? This would turn off the instrument lights on the Nac 82 but leaves on the main power supply from the Hicap and 250. Would it then mean a long warming up period when I turn the napsc back to regain full sound quality or not?

I suppose you could do but the button lamps are not exactly glaring. Even the logo is fairly subtle. :blush::sunglasses:

Neatly cut black insulation tape might help too.

I’d just leave it on. It’s not really designed to be be switched on and off that way.

PS - Off topic - I’m intrigued by your username. Why Secrethills ?

Hi James

I live near Ludlow in South Shropshire and close to the Welsh Border and the beautiful hills here are relatively unknown and sometimes referred to as the secret hills


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Ah yes I know where you mean - a lovely location.


Hi Secrethills,

If your NAC 82 is of similar vintage to the remote, you can reduce the intensity of the front panel LEDs by adjusting the blue trimmer potentiometer at the top of the display board “sandwich” inside.

From memory, they do go pretty low, though it doesn’t adjust the Naim logo intensity.


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