How to use a cassette deck with SuperNait 3?

Hi I have read the manual but am none the wiser about how to connect a cassette deck to the supernait 3. It does not have tape out and tape return. The manual mentions that two sockets, AV and Stream, can be input or output but makes no mention about how to set this up as there are no physical buttons to select signal path. Has anyone done this yet please? Many thanks D

Hi you need a 4 x rca/phono to 5 pin din cable. 2 of the 4 will be for play and the other 2 for record.

Thanks for the response. Can you be more specific about how to connect and operate please? Thanks

You can use either the stream or av connection, it doesn’t matter. The 5 pin din will only connect one way. The rca phono sockets on the other end are likely to be colour coded so you know which is which, but you can work it out by trial and error if they appear to be identical.
Select that input and press play on the cassette machine to listen.
To record, select the source and press record button on the cassette machine. The record feed will always be “live”.

You have been super helpful. Thanks so much!

That looks useful info as I have been looking to hook up a CD recorder to a SN2. I would like to transfer some old Rado 1 live recordings from cassette to CD. Do you know if your advice also applies to the SN2’s AV socket please?

Yes it does, check the rear panel and you’ll see the av and hdd din sockets are both marked as in/out.

That’s grand…cheers.

The interconnect you’ll need should be something like this - this is Naim’s own tape interconnect. The Chord Company offered something similar with their Chrysalis cable.

Interesting, I’ve got a load of old tapes and a Yamaha cassette deck boxed up in the garage. Would this work with a Nait XS2 as well?

Yup, no problem. Some of the old Yamaha decks were rather good. I had one that was auto reverse and it was great on pre-recorded cassettes. I’ll see if I can find a picture of it…

Found it! Is it anything like this (Yamaha K720)? I always thought this was a great looking deck - it sounded great too.


That’s a bit more flash than mine, I have the KC320 (or is it the 230?). Been a while since I even thought about it

Just acquired the appropriate cable and hooked up my Pioneer CD recorder. A quick spin shows how bright playback from it is compared to my 5XS with an unpleasant lumpy bass. Look forward to archiving a few live tapes to CD on it in the weeks ahead though.

Hi Richard

Thanks for that. I found that Naim do not sell these any more but I did find a Chord Chrysalis one but it seems a bit cheap and cheerful.

Before buying the Supernait 3 I was using Atlas Ascent Ultras and felt that they were worth every penny. Does anyone know where I can buy the Cable Richard has suggested but at the Atlas level of cable?

This is quite important to me as I wish to buy two; one for a very good cassette deck and the other for Stax headphones.

Many thanks


Dom, the early Chrysalis can look a bit ropey, with it’s thin grey cable and old fashioned Deltron RCAs, but it’s still a good cable, if not as good as the late Chrysalis or the Naim one. Otherwise Chord do a tape version of the Cobra and possibly a few others in their range too.

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