How young are you?

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How young are you?
  • Just played an album and thought to myself “I bet half the people never heard of it”. So, just wondering what’s the average age(that’s physical nor mental - as loads here refuse to grow up gracefully). *This is not a demographic poll and in no way connected to Naim or Focal.:sunglasses:[poll type=regular results=always public=true chartType=bar]
  • 00-20
  • 21-30
  • 31-40
  • 41-50
  • 51-60
  • 61-70
  • 71-80
  • 81-90
  • 91-101 - you’ll get a free gold membership card from Naim which will entitle you to a factory tour and a goody bag!:sunglasses:
  • [/poll

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I have put the age I feel inside, not my physical age. But that bottom age group of 20 years is far too large because it could be taken that I feel 2 years old, whereas it is closer to the other end of the range. If I’d put my physical age it would increase the current majority group.

Edit: Amended my age to chronological age, and started new thread for mental age.


I like the age ranges - having just turned 60 this year I’m still in the 51 to 60 age range.

Anyway how did that happen ‘60’ I can’t believe it.


So what was the album?

Mud Slim…

Could you not believe myself and that was just over a year ago. Once I reached fifty I found I could not care anymore so arriving at sixty was a very smooth transition.:sunglasses:

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I’m almost 8 months into the 51-60 bucket, sigh.

And I always thought you were so self assured. :wink:

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I embrace age. Dodging it is like complaining about the weather. Heck, after growing up in the 70’s, I can’t believe I lived this long. Other 70’s teenagers will most likely concur …


My god there’s a 31-40 member (excluding IB vote of course) who let these kids in.


Although I’m nearer 60 than 50 now, when people ask me why I am still teaching primary school children and not a Headteacher yet, I tell them ‘I like working with people my own age.’ They keep me young at heart.
I do look at technology some times and think I am living in the future. If someone told me when I bought my first hifi that I would have a telephone in my pocket which could pinpoint the International Space Station, guide me to the nearest Nando’s (remember them!) and with hundreds of albums stored on it as well as links to just about every album ever made, I would have been a little sceptical.


@Tony Mrs Pete said that if you start one for members partners she’s coming after you.


Tell her she is safe… but the onus is on you, so behave!


I have felt the same inside ever since I was 18 - By that I mean inside I still feel as if I am 18. As time passed I always felt the same inside, but assumed it was just me. Then when I was in my mid fifties chronologically I was chatting with my mum who would have been 80-ish, when she said she felt about 21 inside, and had done since she was 21. Discussing it then with my wife she felt similarly - leading me to conclude that everyone has an age that when they reach it is “their” age mentally, no matter what their physical age may be. Speaking to others since I have found that for most people it is in the range 18-25.

Meanwhile though I only feel 18, Imminent retirement after 50 years of work is a reminder that the clock has been ticking all too fast in the physical world!

Given that it looks as if just about everyone else has cited their physical age here, I am inclined to do the same if it will let me change, and start a sister thread for mental age. @Tony, are you happy for me to do so - I wouldn’t want to detract from your thread. If you are happy for that, and your forum permissions let you, can I suggest a modification to title, maybe adding ‘physically’?


I turned mid 60’s (jeez, still can’t believe it) last Saturday. I got cards, phone calls, texts, wine and chocs so I don’t care how old I am as long as the goodies keep coming.

It’s darn good to be alive!!



Happy (belated) birthday. :+1:

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I’m good, IB, as long as Richard is ok with it. :sunglasses:

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