Hum from one speaker

I have a very annoying issue with intermittent hum from the right speaker. It’s not volume dependent and can be heard even with the volume at 0. I have isolated it to come from the nac 202 pream or possible the combination of nac 202/nap 200 Dr by disconnecting all sources. I have tried different mains sockets in the house, both earthed and unearthed with no difference. I have also turned off all other electrical equipment in the house one by one to no effect. I’m beginning to think that there is something wrong with the preamp. Grateful for any advice.

Have you swapped the speaker connections over to see if the hum moves?

It could be the 200 has a problem developing: both my old 250 and a NAP135 suffered from this. A recent Naim service cured the 135.

The hum moves to left speaker when I swap terminal. It disappears if I disconnect the preamp. That why I think it’s a problem with the preamp.

It could well be the pre-amp unless there is a problem with one of the pins in the Snaic between preamp and power amplifier.

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