Hum problem #4

ROFLMAO. Was wondering if there is a reasonable explanation for a HiLine cable causing speaker hum (appears to be ground hum) when connecting an ND5XS2 and an SN2? Not normal to me. At all.
The lavender DIN causes no hum. RCA cable connection causes no hum.
Stupid expensive Naim HiLine causes hum to the point of unuseability.
Is this one of the featured benefits of this cable?

It sounds like there’s probably a fault. Is it new or secondhand? If new, contact your dealer. If secondhand, it may have been damaged in some way (not so difficult to do with a Hi-line if someone is a bit heavy handed with it). Either way, get it checked out.

Is it a standard Hiline, or a ‘special’? My second-hand ND555 came with such a special - Naim source DIN to RCAs at the amp end. It couldn’t be used to connect an RCA source to a Naim DIN input on a pre-amp. I tried - that just caused lots of hum / buzzing.

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