Hum the Left channel Gone HiCap & XS2

Hi group! I got my HiCap recently for my XS2. I plugged all stuff according to the Naim alimentation schematics. When I switched on the XS2 a LOUD HUM was coming out of the right speaker (volume at 0), finally switched off all to verify all wires and order of activation of the devices. I then realized the right channel was dead both with and without HiCap. Both headphone channels are OK and speakers themselves too. HiCap was directly on the wall and the XS2 in a Panamax PM8-EX.
The XS2 is gone to verification and repair but I’m thinking over my stuff to not let the same thing happen at the return of my unit !

I would let your dealer inspect the Hicap and the SNAIC4 and SNAIC5 as well. Was it new or secondhand? Were the SNAICs genuine?

I’ll brough them too !

Yes, both second hand. The 4 pin Snaic of from Designacable.

That may well be the cause of the problem. Beware of fake SNAICs. I would replace it with a genuine SNAIC.


Yep. It sounds like 4 pin DIN cable was possibly wired in the Quad way which will put the 24v out from the Nait onto the right channel. Not good.

Done. Looking foward to get the pronostic in 2 to 3 weeks…

Well :frowning: And I’ll only get to the bottom line in 2-3 weeks, with chance.

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