Huming Nap 250dr

The cable between the 272 and 250DR? I use the original. Is it a common statement that changing this one is of big improvement?

No sure what you mean by common statement…
And I wouldn’t speak for others
But I bought a Chord tuned aray from a well known …try it … don’t like it… return it… emporium, and thought I would do just that… return it after the trial as I thought " no cable can be worth £800+
…well I don’t return it … enough said?

Separation. Bass. Space. Everything to the better i think

I just got a new 250DR and it has a much louder hum than my previous 200. It is the only appliance on a dedicated spur I got put into the house when I got work done.
Anyone got any idea what could be causing it?

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For me it was DC. Completely quiet after buying a supra DC blocker. So quiet I started to get annoyed by the buzz in my NAC 272 so I connected the entire hifi kit on the supra

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