Humming and hissing supernait3

Hi all, I just have two minor issues left on my supernait3.

When picking up something from the ground I noticed the tweeter of my floorstander was hissing only to be heard when your ear is next to the speaker. Only thing I connected to the SN3 is a Nait streamer and 2 optical cables from other devices. Hissing stays the same if I turn the volume up. It does not affect the music because that sounds great. Is this normal and if not solvable?

Second issue I will address in another topic.

Thanks for the help.

Yes, the hiss is perfectly normal and nothing whatsoever to be concerned about.

Completely normal transistor noise for naim as less components in output stage ie no relays

Thanks guys, then I will leave the hiss for what it is. Regards.

Hi, just to be sure I understand because my native language is not English. You mean that Naim uses as less components as possible in the output stage and this causes the hiss?

Yes- no muting relays . Most amps will make some noise to varying degrees

If the op has a hiss through his speakers when the amplifier is not muted, how would the lack of a muting relay cause the hiss? Just wondering.

The muting relays would be on the output? So no relay = hiss

I just checked and indeed when muted the hiss is gone. Glad that this causes no damage to the amp. I am just not used to this, have had many good amps but never experienced a hiss before.

Is there a chance you haven’t noticed before?

Check out some other systems when you can get an ear close enough, I think it’s quite common.

I agree. Never had an amp before that has no power of button. My Cambridge audio that I owned automatically shut down along with the streamer.

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