Humming Armageddon Power Supply how much is acceptable?

I have three Geddons, two start off with a loud hum but it goes down the third one does the same but the humming is a little louder. Is my OCD getting the better of me?

The transformers are likely be reacting to some issue in your mains. I assume they Have they only just started buzzing?

I think you might be right it might be something in the mains, this particular one always hummed, but I let them run all day and they are all quiet now. I live in a multi floor building in Manhattan and I know the electricity is bad. This one was also purchased from the UK, the dealer who is fantastic converted it for me for 115v use. The others were North American units. When they all start they all hum but after a few minutes the two N.A., ones become quiet. You can still hear a faint hum, it will never be dead silent it is a transformer. I even swapped the louder one with one of the quieter ones and no issues from that outlet. I have four turntables connected at once so they don’t get much use as I alternate, perhaps I should just let it run it?

If I put my ear to it, it buzzes.

If you have to put your ear close to the case to hear a hum then you’re doing well! That’s pretty good for an old Toroidal transformer. It’s when you can hear it buzzing loudly from across the room that it can be annoying.

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Then I guess I am ok. The buzz is only when I put my ear close to it. Thanks Richard.

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I resemble that comment; in more ways than one!

I hear ya loud and clear! At work and still thinking about that hum. Gonna swap Geddons tonight to see if it continues, then maybe a DC offset by Isotek. My guess though is that my OCD is getting the best of me.

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