Humming Hicap

I have a Hicap (non-DR) purchased in 2013. It has always hummed and been a source of annoyance. Humming power supplies comes up on the forum frequently. The general conclusion seemed to be Naim power supplies hum and this is normal and to do with problems with the mains supply, the power supply itself was not at fault.

Recently I brought a s/h Supercap fully expecting it also to hum but the Supercap is totally silent.

Is there evidence that the Supercap is just better able to reject whatever mains pollution causes the hum?

Unfortunately some supplies hum, some don’t. I’ve been lucky with Naim supplies, the only one having an occasional noticeable hum being a 300PS. My Supercap was always nice and quiet. Enjoy your (quiet) Supercap.

My 250 used to hum - it was mains DC. I installed a balanced power supply and it cured it.

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