Humming Hugo

After a house move I am currently without a main system, the speakers are boxed up; and the rest of the kit has been sold with the view to upgrade. :slight_smile:

A Chord DAC is thought to be part of the new main system. So I treated myself; and bought a Hugo 2. Also, I am about to be away from home for a little while, making something portable very appealing… I am actually leaving later today…

The Hugo sounds great, but when connected to the mains I can hear a humming in the headphones. There is no humming when battery powered, and there is now humming when the Hugo is connected to the main but touched.

I wonder whether this indicates an earthing problem, since touching the Hugo makes the humming disappear. Do you think there is a bigger earthing problem in the house, or is there a way to earth the Hugo?

Any thoughts and advice would be most appreciated!

Many thanks,

You need to specify what equipment you have and how the Hugo is connected. The Hugo doesn’t provide a ground for the audio circuits and can break the grounding that occurs via a Naim source component. You may need to ground the 0V connection somewhere.

Thanks for your quick reply Xanthe — much appreciated!! There is no other equipment involved. The Hugo is in the wall socket, and the headphone is connected to the Hugo. My Android phone is connected via USB to feed music, but the humming occurs with and without Android phone in the picture…

How can I ground the 0V connection? To be honest, I don‘t actually fully understand what this means — I am a social scientist researching social policy… My technical literacy is rather low…



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