Humming NPX 300

Which will give an indication of the noisier times of day but you may not be able to resolve the offending item(s) especially if it is your neighbours. You may require a mains conditioner of some sort.

Sarcasm is the lowest form of wit,…. But ……

I have been pleasantly surprised how good the system has been over the last couple of weeks (PS Hum and sound wise). Just so happens to correlate with the neighbours on holiday.

They are moving out anyhow so will not suggest to permanently stay away on holiday :joy:

Let’s see what the next lot will be like.

In any case in a few years we move to France and the mains over there is much better than in our flat in Germany

Sorry, that wasn’t my intent, but it can be someone else’s appliance that can cause you issues. I do actually recall the Scottish power telling me about an issue caused by a swimming pool.

The issue of humming via DC offset can be caused by resistive appliances, hence my response. It could also be Jacuzzi that are getting more popular these days, or even a small business that uses the same substation, so making a note of patterns when it happens may help determine what it might be and if it’s external to your control or not. If it’s intermittent, then that probably rules out over-voltage, but thats an easy test to eliminate.

Thanks for the explanation. I hope they have no pool or jacuzzi up there on top of us. In fact they don’t since we know them well and know for sure. I don’t usually get so interested anymore about these things but on a very nice day that forces everyone out, except me sometimes :joy:, I notice improvements. Also recently where they were away and in the process of moving where I also noticed him/sonic improvements.
In the end we have a few more years and it will all go to France where the wiring in the house is relatively new as is the Earth for the house. I am sure it will be better there. Also a few years EDF changed and buried the supply cables and put in a nice substation for a few houses, which I am close to.
I notice with a small CB system that it sounds very good, so the system here should also be miles better.
Just goes to show that these sorts of supplies do not have to suffer as much as they do today with all the pollution on the grid as well as the electromagnetic soup ….
It is satisfying though if you are not too disturbed by these effects

Fingers crossed, and bon voyage when it happens!

I have three 250DRs, two Supercap DRs and one Supercap 2, all on dedicated mains. They are all silent until the hairdryer goes on upstairs then the SC2 goes nuts with humming/buzzing. But it’s the only box affected. Luck of the draw I guess.