HumminGuru ultrasonic RCM FTW! (The one from Kickstarter)

It dries with fans and has a 5 and 10 minutes setting for drying. Depending on room temperature and humidity, 5 usually sufficed for me but sometimes (rarely) I need 10. It also makes a difference if you used a wetting agent in the liquid because water drops stick less to the record with an agent

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Dry enough to sleeve immediately? That’s what I like about my noisy wet RCM with vacuum.


Thank you. That just promoted it to my long want list.

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It’s really easy to use. Just put water, click on the program you want, and you can play it or put in a sleeve. 40 cl of distilled water. I change it every 2 lps, but some every 4.


Some observations after having cleaned maybe 5 or 6 lps since :
My lps are all in excellent condition. I have already cleaned them with a very good cleaning fluid, l’Art du Son and then with distilled water.
Now, after the HGuru, I hear less clicks and pops on some lps which were more VG++ than NM.
On my NM albums, the results are more overall silence, only very little hiss at the beginning of the tracks, and I can identify better tiny details on the background. The sound seems a little more dynamic too.


That’s good to hear. Sounds like you are happy with it?

I’m sold, not least from the fact I can leave it doing its thing and go do something else 8)

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Yes , happy with it. No mess at all and it makes a very good job. And you have no residues left like with RCM.


Is it fairly quiet whilst cleaning?

It does make the rather annoying sound of ultrasonic emitters, did you ever have dental calculus removed? But it’s not very loud and turning up the volume on the stereo helps

I’m quite tempted to get one regardless, I’d have it located out of earshot in a workshop anyway!
I’ve got a Pro-Ject VC-S2 which is reasonable but deafeningly loud in use and a bit of a mechanical faff to operate, hence the appeal for a move to ultrasonic based alternatives.

It’s much less loud than these jet engine cleaners for sure

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You can keep it in the kitchen. It takes around 10 mn of some noises, but not very annoying.
A bit like a coffee machine.

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Thanks FR, that’s encouraging, it’s certainly a product that stands out from the crowd in terms of capabilities and importantly price point with a bonus of not sounding like a jet fighter getting ready to take off.
Did you have to pay a lot for import taxes in your case?

I paid around 420 euros for all, with shipping. I will probably receive FedEx bill in some days, maybe 40/50 euros. So in total it’s still cheaper than a Profect RCM, and much cheaper vs the non Chinese ultrasonic machines which begin at 2k. So absolutely recommended.
I have to thanks @Suedkiez .


Juno sells the Humminguru ultrasonic cleaner now. So you can order from UK. It’s 499 GBP , but it’s much more expensive, around 100 euros more for me, including the international charges from both countries ( China or UK).
For me, even just lps are too expensive at Juno.


Good heads up, I even have a Juno account :+1:t2:

I see your point on the price gap, did some calculations and direct from HK with shipping it’s £368.68, I doubt any additional customs would bring it close to the £499 mark. The main issue is post Brexit, importing anything can be painful, which may explain Juno’s speculative pricing.

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I paid £388, including spares and a spare tank. I’m fairly sure that was it. I don’t recall any horrible extras.

Just looked, a £38.18 - FedEx fee

I feel they try to make a good margin. Even for people living in Uk it’s not interesting.