HumminGuru ultrasonic RCM FTW! (The one from Kickstarter)

FWIW I think a local Humminguru dealer, such as Juno, offers free next day delivery as well as 1 year warranty, where I assume they will pay any return shipping etc., so you would just be dealing with the local dealer rather than with Humminguru in HK (and where you would be responsible for return shipping costs, and any attendant duties).

Rather deal with juno and pay a bit more than the other side of the world - shipping duties on any warranty stuff. I’ve found them very good in the past too

Nice to have a local supply option, I’ve certainly bought plenty from Juno over the years without issue.

That is quite an endorsement if Juno are now a UK supplier, and that would tempt me due to the relative ease of dealing with any future warranty / returns etc. Worth the extra for me.

@Camphuw had a problem with his Humminguru. They very quickly responded, accepted return, refunded the shipping, and sent a new machine. I received the machine from China 4 days after being shipped.
I see no real reason to pay that big extra. But I understand you prefer.


Also, it looks like Juno are selling the cleaner on its own, not including the 10” and 7” adapters. I wonder others here have gone for the basic or the bundled package?


Ah, that’s excellent customer service then, and perhaps buying direct is the best way to go if they are that focused on taking care of their buyers.

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I had questions and received very quickly a response. I feel they are very serious and want to keep a perfect reputation.


What I don’t see is any documented experience here with really grimey second discs. You know, the ones that reek of tobacco, have mysterious sticky patches like someone pawed them after eating a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. My current cleaning fluid and submerged horse hair brush system gets those discs coming up in mint condition.

I’d be interested to hear how the HumminGuru deals with something really foul from a bargain bin.

Sorry can’t help there, I don’t have any like that and likely never will

Ah, i have just cleaned some right dirty stuff for a mate. You know, the stuff that has rolled around carpets.
When faced with such stuff i give them 5 mins of cleaning, change the water, then another 5 mins of clean plus 10 mins of drying. The first lot of water was a bit yellow, the second lot less so. But the vinyl was physically clean and sounded clean.
So, yes it works and works well.
Mine has now done 2000 cleans since i had it? And still using the original filter pieces. I wash them out each time, but they are dirty now.


Thanks for all the good info in this thread.

Anyone tried or heard of experiences with the Knosti - Disco ultrasonic cleaner?


I just see it’s 3 times more expensive. But have no idea if it’s better or not.

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There seems to be more and more alternatives when it comes to ultrasonic cleaners, and with very different price tags. Still hard to determine what difference there is in build quality and cleaning results.

For reliability in the long term it’s difficult to know for now, members have the Humminguru since maybe 6 months only here.
Will it last 5, 6 years or more ?

As you said there are very different prices. From 400 euros to 6k. But the Chinese costs of manufacturing are much lower too. So in Europe such machine would cost certainly 3 times more.

I would be interesting to know how they compare to each other. But such reviews don’t exist.
Like with RCM machines, how to know that Project RCM , 500 euros, is lesser performing or not vs the Clearaudio at 5k?

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After 3 weeks of using the HG, I am very satisfied. I feel that using some cleaning fluids ameliorates a bit the cleaning.
For some problematic lps I put some Art du Son cleaning fluid on both faces, then do select a manual long cleaning process ( around 5 minutes) then put the automatic process to end and dry.
I ordered today the Degritter cleaning fluid that Degritter ultrasonic recommends for a better cleaning.
Bought from Analogue Seduction, less expensive vs Amazon. Will share.



Will be intrested to hear the results. Personally i just use tap ( softened) water and a hint of dishwasher rinse aid.
Nice shiny clean lps here.

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The only problem I have with distilled water is that it’s much more expensive online. In a supermarket, I pay 2,5 euros for 20 l . On Amazon, it’s 15 euros with shipping. Not a big problem, I buy 2l per week that I carry in my bag when on the way to home.

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Hah, let me know when it turns up! I’ve had a bottle of that on order with them for months! I don’t know, ordering wait times for cleaning fluid really leaves something to be desired these days :wink:

I’m the mean time, distilled water still working fine for me :slight_smile:

Is the supermarket sourced water distilled, or deionised?

I read somewhere that the water our Miele heat pump dryer collects is distilled by definition; if I can ground truth that, a RCM like this could be a good proposition😎Normally it gets poured on the garden!