Hybrid SACD and Uniti Core

Hi all,

This is a genuine question as I have absolutely zero knowledge of SACD’s.

Firstly, I wondered if the Core would rip a hybrid SACD?

Secondly, would the then ripped version be any different? i.e. better than a normal CD rip?

For example would the MOFI Hybrid SACD of Mingus Ah-Um sound any better/different to a CD of the same album, if both were ripped to the Core?

I hope the above makes sense,



The Core doesn’t rip an SACD, but it can rip the CD layer of a dual-layer SACD/CD. The sound would be the same whether it was an SACD/CD or a CD, assuming it was the same master used for the CD in each case.



Hi Mike, yes it will rip the cd layer of a hybrid SACD, as i have done this. Does it sound better, difficult to say as you are not able to easily compare cd, cd layer, sacd layer…all having been treated differently. I certainly would not go out of my way to buy without a SACD player.

Many thanks David.

Looks like I will need to save a few more quid for the vinyl ultradisc version.

Ah um,


Cheers Gazza.

I’ll have a serious think about the vinyl instead.



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SACD’s can be ripped on old Playstations, not sure which one. There are a few blueray players that do it too apparently. This produces DSF, or DFF files, which the Core does play.

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