Hybrid SACD on a redbook CD player


recently i got an email from elusive disc about Dire straits albums on CD costing USD 30 eacd and these are SACD with a hybrid layer - capable of being played by my Philips CD960

I do have all of dire straits CD and they sound good to me

The advert mentioned that the CD’s are recorded from the master tapes and have a better presentation and sound stage etc…

what has been your experience ?

A link is here…

If the moderator wishes to remove the link - its ok…

I just wanted to show an example.

The SACD layer has no benefit on a regular CD player. I also have a Dire Straits hybrid disc. All it means is that a CD plays the redbook layer and a SACD player can play the DSD layer.

I have a dedicated SACD transport but impossible to tell. The transport’s output is HDMI so I can’t playback on the Naim system. I.e. I’ve heard the disc in SACD through a much cheaper system or 16/44 ripped and streamed to my NDX.

Either way, considering it was one of (if not the first) albums to be digitally recorded at every stage of the mastering process in the 80s, it sounds very fine. I bought it because it was a well regarded 25th anniversary album rerelease, not because it had SACD hybrid.

Post-script: as it is nigh on impossible to rip DSD from SACD, unless you’re buying a SACD player in the future, it means little.

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