Hybride volume option on nova


I have tried to contrôle m’y nova via thé Web interface on m’y macbook.

I have checked all the settings available and I have seen an option to adjust the volume setting which is not available on the app. I can choose between : volume, fixed output and hybrid.

I understand the volume mode (standard) and fixed output for using nova as source. But what is the hybrid option ?

Hi @Alex57

The debug web ui is only for development and debugging purposes. It’s not for end users as it exposes features that are not applicable for a product. If messed with too much will break normal user functionality, or can be damaging to the attached speakers.

The hybrid option is for streamers only (ndx2 etc). Don’t mess with this option or your speakers will get max volume up them on some sources. It could destroy tweeters or mid range drivers.


Steve Harris
Software Director

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