Hydra Again!

I have been unable to find an answer on previous posts, so here’s my question.
Can a Grahams Hydra be used as a mix and match lead between Naim and non Naim products? Specifically Rega power supply and phono and a Naim SuperCap used to power a Naim headline amp.
All the rest of the equipment (Naim) is powered via a dedicated spur into a MusicWorks box on a dedicated radial.

I’m sure it would be okay, I used to use one to feed my Naim amps and Arcam tuner.

The Hydra has a label specifically saying to use only with Naim products, which may be linked to the star earthing. Is there any reason the Supercap cannot be put on the block? Maybe there are too many plugs already. I have my three Naim boxes on a Hydra. The two Rega boxes are wired into a single MK safety plug, and are on the dedicated mains along with the Naim.


Good advice by HH.

I hadn’t thought of wiring in the two Rega boxes into a single plug. Into the dedicated radial. 1 x double 1x single unswitched sockets. It would solve my issues one socket for the MW box, one for the power amp and one for the regas.

It works well, so long as you get a good plug. The one on the left is the P10 and Aria, the one on the right is the Grahams Hydra.


Can I ask … are the Rega products independently fused … or do they rely on the fuse in the MK plug ?
If not then I am guessing potentially there is a fire risk if either item malfunctioned as a fuse in the MK plug if rated to support both items may not be sufficient to manage a single fault ?
I assume the hydra states Naim only as it is aware all naim items have onboard suitably rated fuses ?
Just supposition on my part … but I know UK regs are very strict …

Mr Google has the answer. I didn’t want to look round the back, so I asked him.

I think you’re confusing the roles of the different fuses here. In the UK the fuse in the mains plug is there to protect the mains lead/flex from overcurrent. The fuse in the equipment is there to protect the equipment and you should there be a catastrophic internal failure. Without the correctly rated fuse in the equipment, should something like the transformer break down then it could be extremely nasty.


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