Hydra for 4 boxes?

Hello all,
For some reason, I’m not a fan of power strip/blocks especially the ones that cost megamoney, even if they can be excellent.

I wonder if connecting 4 Naim boxes (ND5XS2, 282, 250, NAPSC) to a dedicated mains line via a Graham’s Hydra 4:1 is a good idea or not.

I’ve read through past threads here and the Graham’s product seems to have found some measure of favor. Wondering if that would still be true in my specific context. Thanks.

I’m a Hydra fan and have a four head myself.

It’s preferable to my earlier power strip.

No reason why it would not be good for you in your specific context.



I’ve got the same set. up as you, but with a CDX. Graham’s recommend the power amp is plugged directly into a socket and does not form part of the hydra

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I presume there’s a HiCap or other PS in there as well for your 282. A four-head hydra should work well in that situation.


PS Graham’s hydras are excellent, in my experience.


I’ve had a Hydra on my system for many years, and it’s great (and relatively inexpensive, given the prices of alternative leads, mains blocks, etc).

Please note that you’re advised to have only as many ‘heads’ as you need (that is, don’t have unused ‘heads’) and that the Hydra should only be used to power Naim units (something to do with Naim’s ‘star earthing’ - whatever that may be).

The Hydra is made and sold by Grahams (Canonbury Yard in Islington), who used to be my dealers when I lived in London.


You would need the HiCap to power the 250.

You may find the 250 power amp sounds better into the mains. So you could have the ND5XS2, 282, HiCap and NAPSC on a 4 way hydra.

I would get two unswitched sockets for your dedicated mains. And then look at a 4 way hydra that you could then experiment with.

I have 2 unswitched sockets on a dedicated radial circuit. 2 x 135s plugged directly into the mains, Lingo 1 plugged into mains and a power strip plugged into the mains. Then I have Supercap 2, 555PS and phonostage plugged into the power strip.

Would members please respect and abide by forum rules. Strictly no offering of items or services, whether for reward or not. Thank you.

@Dan_M Yes, I failed to mention the HCDR which indeed is the PS for the 282. I suppose my worry was to power everything from just one wall socket, albeit a dedicated mains for this purpose. This means I wouldn’t plus the amplifier or anything else from another wall socket…Thanks.

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I don’t think that this is correct.

I was never advised by Grahams to plug the power amp into a mains socket, rather than use a Hydra. It would make the whole idea of using the Hydra redundant.


Nothing’s going to explode. Worth trying different ways and seeing what works best.

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Apologies, Richard, if I have inadvertently breached any Forum rules. I was just trying to offer up information.

I have absolutely no financial interest in Grahams HiFi, despite the coincidence of their surname and my forename.

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That is exactly what I had until recently and it was excellent. I believe the standard length from Grahams is 2m from mains plug to the ‘splitter’ (for want of a better description) and then 1m ‘tails’, but they will make pretty much any length you need.

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So if you had the 250 into the mains you would only need a 3 headed hydra for HiCap DR, ND5XS2 and NAPSC.

My understanding is you can have everything on the hydra but the power amp may sound better directly plugged into the mains.

I have a power strip rather than a hydra so I was able to change what goes onto mains and what doesn’t. I have wireworld matrix 2.

Many Naim users have a hydra for some boxes, or power strip for some boxes and then the power amps direct to the mains.

Graham…. Don’t think it was you… think it was a post of mine which has been removed.

Apologies to you and to Richard.

I use a mix of 4-head Hydra plus two Powerlines. Hydra for the lower current draw stuff such as 555P’s. Powerlines for the 300DR PS and the Supercap for 252. The Radikal is also kept as separate as possible on a Powerline Lite. The Hydra is also fully populated feeding its black boxes.

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That is not what Grahams advise, but I won’t keep repeating myself.

Err. No. A HiCap does not power a 250 - it powers a preamp - or SNAXO.


Try a Custom Hi-Fi Cables PowerBlack power block. Not in the silly money category and much better in my experience than a Hydra and indeed many megabuck blocks. Hand made in the UK by Sean Jacobs who also designs the PSUs for Innuos.


Thanks all for the replies. It looks to be worth trying. Brgds.

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Can you say how you found that out?

Was it on their website, or did an employee of Grahams tell you that?

I discussed my needs with them and they recommended a 4 headed Hydra to include all my then Naim components including my Naim power amp.