Hydra for 4 boxes?

Absolutely @IanRobertM. I stand corrected. I should have written that if you have a 250 you will need a HiCap. A 155XS or 200 will power the audio circuits of a 282 without the need for a HiCap.

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Your last sentence is correct.

As I said above, Musky’s assertion is wrong. (Which is unhelpful, to say the least.)

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There seems to be some differing ideas about having all Naim boxes on one hydra and then some saying having the power amps plugged direct to mains and then hydra for other Naim boxes.

Having read threads on power blocks, hydras and from personal experience I would say it’s best to make up your own mind.

My view is you can definitely put all Naim boxes on one hydra or one power block.

But you may also get better results on plugging the power amps direct to the mains.

@Dynaudio1 has the Supercap for the 252 into the mains as well as the 300PS.

Try out different combinations to reap the best results.

Is there a right or wrong here? Or different experiences based on trial and error?


I have a 4 headed Hydra, which is used for all my Naim boxes - 250, HiCap, HiCap, XPS2.

Never heard that the power amp should go direct…?


Why not try it direct and see if it makes a difference?

It’s just wrong to assert that the power amp shouldn’t be on the Hydra [Why would it?] but we have a Member who persists in believing otherwise, best ignored.

Or ring Grahams tomorrow to check.

Why not take them ALL off, and see what difference that makes?

Save yourselves the cost of buying the Hydra in the first place!

@Dan_M My predicament is having installed a dedicated mains for hifi with only one wall socket. Therefore, for more than one box to power, my options are either a power block or a hydra-type product. I could live of course with a power block if required but having heard about the Graham’s Hydra and its general acceptance in the Naim world, I just thought to check if that had evolved over time or not. I think it’s pretty clear for me now.

Thanks all for your feedback.

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I use a 3 headed Hydra powering all my Naim kit - ND5XS2, 300PS and 552PS keeps things neat and simple.

MScaler and Dave I use the supplied Chord leads.

Is it just one socket or a double socket ? If the former, then it’s hard to wrong with a Hydra. Alternatively, mains blocks such as from Music Works and Chord work very well too but are a lot more expensive.


My block

Duraplug FC4134BLK

4 Way Heavy Duty Extension Socket, 13A Fused Black

Individual radial Double MK unswitched Socket
Using MK Charcoal plugs throughout
Polished fuses.
Belden cable
Neon removed and blank fitted
All internal busbars polished.
No gimmicks.
All well less than £50 ish at the time.


@james_n Yes, it’s a single socket. I could make it a double or even more since I did the entire installation myself a while back, but I’m feeling a bit lazy to stick my nose back in there again. That’s why I was thinking/hoping for a quick and dirty but non SQ-degrading solution. Thanks.

I used to use a Hydra and never came across a recommendation to avoid using it with my NAP250DR. What isn’t advised is to use it with non-Naim gear, but in the OP’s situation, a Hydra would seem to be a good choice.



Ah I see. I’d just go for the Hydra :+1:


That’s entirely correct.

There’s only one person peddling misinformation on this thread.

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There is really no issue using it with non Naim gear. It’s a multi headed mains cable at the end of the day, nothing special.

A 4 head Grahams Hydra in full operation:


I suspect that’s true. Indeed I’ve done that myself. But I was referring to the advice on Grahams’ website that it is “specifically designed for Naim Electronics”. It’s to maintain star earthing, I understand.



I think we heard you Graham!

So they say. Still it’s a good solution for Naim or non Naim kit if you need to run multiple boxes from one plug.

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