I am confused about Naim power supplies and other upgrades?

Hi there,

A year or so ago I bought a NAC 202 and a 155 XS. Happy enough with this setup.

My source is a Rega P6 with a Rega Fono pre-amp.

Considering adding an Stageline and then a Headline at some point. Have a few questions.

  • Can you power the headline or the stage line from my existing setup?
  • With the Flatcap 2X or XS I could power both at the same time?
  • What’s the difference between the 2X and XS?
  • Would there be any benefit to adding an external power supply to the pre-amp at that point?
  • Should I look to upgrade the 155 at some point?
  • Anyone upgraded from a Rega to the stage line - was the upgrade worthwhile?

Thanks in advance, and be kind no a Naim newbie!

Hi, IMO you are beyond a FCXS if you have a NAC202. You will get best results with a NAPSC first, then a Hicap DR.

If you have a Rega cartridge, then I would stay with the Fono.

But a Naim Stageline will run very happily from AUX2 on the NAC202.



Thanks for those insights.

I have an Ortofon 2M blue at the moment.

On the NAPSC, that would be used to power the 202 and then I could use the AUX to power either the headline or the stageline? I’m sure I read somewhere that the headline needs an external power supply.


The NAPSC runs the control circuitry in the 202. The 202 preamp power is coming from the single 24v rail from the 155. Upgrading to a Hicap DR as Chris suggests, allows the powering of the preamp via 2x 24v rails instead. It also frees up the 155 from powering the 202.

You can run the Stageline from the powered Aux 2 socket on the 202 or from another Hicap (or Flatcap or Supercap). The Headline needs its own separate power supply (NAPSC, Flatcap, Hicap, Supercap) and can’t be powered via the 202.

In which case I would definitely audition a Stageline. Very happy with mine.

You ask about upgrading the NAP155XS. I did. I have a NAP200DR. This gives some of the benefits of the HCDR that I mentioned earlier as well as more power, without having a HCDR if that makes sense. Obviously the combo with the HCDR would be better. Depends on how important all this is to you, depth of pockets etc.

I’m a huge fan of the 202/200 in general. This is because a dealer whose opinion I value dearly, once told me years ago that 202/200 is ‘where the value starts with Naim.’


The obvious is Nap 200 which is affordable s/h
First I’d get a PSU Hicap and Napsc for your 202.
Also depend on speakers, if they are easy driven in smaller room ?

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